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One response to “What is Aftercare?”

  1. Keith Smith

    Thank you very much for this very insightful article by Mistress Steel on Aftercare. I have discovered that after scening on occasion my Dominant requires Aftercare. For me I am quite happy to either start socialising or spend time on my own to process what has just occurred. I now spend time after scening with my Dominant until I am sure that my Dominant is fine. We talk about the scene and the way we are feeling. That usually means that we are both ecstatic and very happy, in a really good place after our play. It is good to spend time after an intense scene to in some way come down. I say in some way because it takes me and the Dominant (I presume) some time before the feelings invoked during our intense play fade. I have never experienced Sub-Drop for more than a few seconds though I believe it is fairly common for people to experience it.

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