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One response to “[Video Post] Adding Rules in a D/s (or M/s) Relationship”

  1. Keith Smith

    The blanket rule of obedience is great. I have casual play on a regular basis. As soon as my principal Dom enters the venue all my attention is focused on her. I obey all her requests. It is as if there is no one at all at the event other than her and I. We play when she decides we play. I endeavour to obey every single thing that she requests. One may think that this puts me in a straight jacket and my enjoyment is gone for the night. Actually the very reverse applies. Not having to think about how to act and what to do gives me freedom. It is not just our specific playtime that is our playtime. For me from the moment that my principal Dom enters the venue or rather from the time she enters the venue until she leaves that whole time is for me the playtime. Usually in everyday life I think about everything that I do or am about to do. Not having to think what to do for this period of time I find very liberating.

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