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Kallista is an English teacher and author; she and her Dom dated for a year before they made the choice to begin actively exploring the D/s aspects that had begun to take shape in their relationship.

One response to “Why SSC and RACK Are Both Important Safety Acronyms to Know”

  1. Keith Smith

    @kallista, Thank you very much for this article looking at the terms ‘Safe Sane Consensual’ And ‘RACK’. I have been in the Scene for a number of years. When I entered the scene ‘Safe Sane and Consensual’was the only term in common usage to describe the overall atmosphere that should cover all the different activities involved in BDSM activity. As one of my friends in the scene commented “nothing that they do could really, once and for all, be described as Safe and as regards Sane, that too was a matter of opinion and Consensual, well it may be at the start but it became rather difficult to give informed consent once one had a gag in their mouth”. This was said in rather a tongue in cheek attitude as I would like to think that the vast majority of us would not want to engage in activity that was not safe. Of course we need to be on our guard for people who masquerade in the scene. I have heard that there are abusers who say they are not but just simply BDSM Players. As I confine my BDSM activity to BDSM Support Groups I can not recall seeing any actual abusers. In the organised scene there are always people on the lookout for trouble and with the intention that all are safe. As regards giving informed continuing consent when one is gagged responsible players will have alternatives should clear verbal words not be possible to hear such as holding an object in hand which can be dropped to indicate Safeword has been used or maybe a series of taps be used for the same purpose.

    I like the term “RACK”. This indicates to me that both parties are aware of the risks involved. As you say in the article we use this same principle in everyday life eg we look both ways before crossing the road.

    A new acronym I have just come across is P.R.I.C.K. Now this is not the other one that I am sure that you think of. It stands for Personal Responsibility In Consensual Kink. The reason I like P.R.I.C.K. is that it means that both submissive and Dominant realise that they each have responsibility for keeping the scene and each other safe. One assumes (be careful of assumptions as they may be wrong) that the Dominant has more knowledge than the submissive. If this is the case or not communication is vital between Dom and sub. A Dom who plays with me who wants to introduce something new into our activity checks with me that I want to try that new thing. She checks on me in the course of our activity that I am still alright.

    I love BDSM. I find it fun and exciting. We need to ensure that it stays that way. The Dom that I have previously mentioned would not play with me if there was not some enjoyment for me in the activity. We end up having a wild fun time with huge grins on our faces and a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

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