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5 responses to “Jealousy and Mono/Poly Relationships”

  1. Masters_cumal

    when Master and i first started to communicate, i made it very clear that i was monogamus and i wanted my partner to be so also. Master was fine with it as he was also monogamus and expected any partner to be. that being said, i do admire couples who are poly and long healthy relationships. its just not for Master and myself.

  2. Flower171

    Thank you for this article. I am newly in a D/s relationship and am struggling with extreme jealousy, which is not the usual me. This article was helpful and made me think about some aspects differently.

  3. Littlebear

    This really helped me and made me feel better I thought I was the only one. I think this was very well written. XohugsNkissesoX :) enjoy your day.

  4. Meara

    I’m a sub in a mono/poly relationship. I’ve always been very mono although if I’m asked to do something with another I am generally willing to comply; for instance m’Lord Husband asked me to allow a female Domme/Switch to flog me during one of our sessions in a group session. I agreed but when she got a bit too intimate I did indicate that I was feeling a bit uncomfortable he called a stop to that part of the session.
    However, I do not actively search for a play partner. M’Lord however, does have a baby girl, and will occasionally find another to play with. With that said we do have rules, and our main rule is that he does not do things with someone that I don’t know. The person has to know me and I have to know her…. it can’t be an I know about her and she knows about me… We need to KNOW each other. She needs to know that I’m the wife, I’m the alpha sub in his life and nothing is going to change that. The second rule is that if and when I feel uncomfortable or left out or neglected by “new toy syndrome” all I have to do is tell him and he will hear what I say without judgement or condemnation and simply reassure me that everything is fine and I’m still loved etc. And usually then he makes more time for me in little ways so that I don’t feel left out. This is what works for us. Hope this helps others

  5. Madison

    Thank you for this post! I am very new to a D/s relationship and Sir has other women. Must I say, this is still extremely hard, but maybe this will be good when I am with Sir this weekend.

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