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Tequila Rose is a full time slave who recently relocated to Germany to be with her Master. She has been in the lifestyle since her early twenties and continues to learn more about the lifestyle and being a slave. She now spends her days learning her new language and wandering the streets of Dortmund. You can contact her via email:

4 responses to “What’s My Age Again? Being Little and Growing Older”

  1. pet

    i also am a full time slave/little. when i am in little space, i am 4 my numeric age is 57. i dont give a hoot what anyone thinks. Master/Daddy finds it endearing that i can be this way. He had never thought himself a Daddy. He told me that his heart melts when i say “i love you Daddy.” i agree with you that there are times that i doubt myself when i think myself as a 4 year old little. but Daddy reassures me that he never wants me to ever change. i wont.

  2. Rev

    This is lovely. Thank you for a wonderful glimpse into a dynamic I know little about from a BDSM perspective, but a bit about from a general life experience, in some ways at least.
    Well said. <3

    Rev xox

  3. KatiJo

    Thank you!!! I so needed this. And I can def give input when it comes to being little and having kiddos

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