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blyss started her journey in the Lifestyle community openly in the late 90s and hasn't looked back since. She’s a Lifestyle educator; was interviewed for and featured in the Lifestyle documentary Kinky that has been screened in film festivals country wide, most notably at Cinekink. Her fortes are cooking and other domestic services She can be found on: FetLife - charmedblyss Twitter - @charmedblyss

3 responses to “Finding Love in the D/s Lifestyle”

  1. wolfgirl

    How can you keep romantic love at bay in a M/s relationship? Are there boundaries to place so I as the submissive don’t act like a girlfriend outside play. And can there be friendship outside a M/s relationship without turning romantic?

  2. Justmee

    I’m having real issues seeing that I am truly “loved” in my D/s relationship. My Dom has another sub. I feel like theirs is a true D/s relationship and that I am in a Vanilla relationship. There is no playing or sex involved but there is between him and his other sub. I haven’t been in this lifestyle very long and I don’t know much about it. This is getting harder for me instead of easier. I was fine with it until I learned more about this other sub. I feel dismissed and confused and hurt. I’m pushing my Dom away which is the last thing I want. I’ve tried to talk to him but it always ends with him mad, me crying and both of us struggling. Any advice?

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