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moonlight is a slave to her Master, a proud mommy and a member of a poly group in Canada. She is always learning how to balance her submission with every day life. She can be found on FetLife: moonlight_jade

8 responses to “Feeling Down After a Play Session? You Could Have Sub Drop”

  1. Ladynight

    This is the second Time i am experiencing sub drop…thank heavens I could read on this site what was happening for almost 3 weeks of depression…and silence from my Master. I am a new sub and have no one to talk to about this…so reading your experience….helps me to dedramatize and help to get control of my emotions back…unfortunately I can not rely on my Master….actually I am wondering…do they experience something familiar after very intense and satisfying scenes ….

  2. Tara

    Ladyknight, I think doms do experience drop as well. As a submissive, I have expeienced the drop before. Luckily I knew what was going on. What your Master is doing is not acceptable. Unless it was part of your negotiations, he is supposed to make sure you’re doing ok after scening. If you want to talk more, I am on Fetlife under kinkywiccan. Feel free to friend me and also message. I swear I don’t bite.

  3. Liss

    Hiya everyone …
    In a new submissive and think I’m experiencing sundrop ?
    My D/S relationship is confusing anyway as he’s marred ( his wife knows )
    We played last night and then he went home to his family.
    And today I just feel awful can’t even bring myself to do my usual day to day things , can’t seem to move off the sofa feel so shit :(.
    Is this subdrop ? Thanks liss

  4. lunaKM

    Sounds like it. Touch base with him if you can reconnect. It should help you a bit to hear his voice. Then do some self care. A lot hot shower or bath and just rest. It will subside.

  5. Liss

    I’ve spoken to him through text told him I’ve had a crap a day and feel shit and al he said was have a early night :(. I’m going to have a relaxing shower . Thank you

  6. Ladynight

    Liss…I am far from thinking I have a correct answer…but to me, you should feel better after talking with him, after his reassurance that he is there for you as well.
    He is married and his wife knows…find, but he still accepted the responsability of a sub.

    Yes, we have a responsability to take care of ourselves of course, as we are not helpless but that feeling of loneliness when they leave us, that feeling of needing to hear his voice, to have his reassurance, to read his words is so consuming inside !
    It takes a lot of energy to get a grip..but writing helps and just some acknowledgement that we are going through this helps…especially if you find yourself alone after the play.

    sometimes asking him to get in touch with us after a few hours helps…it did for me…knowing that I would read his words of encouragement, of how proud he was to own me just was the push I needed to continu taking good care of my needs…to better serve him after.

    Aftecare should never be a burden for them and we shouldn’t feel that we are imposing it.

  7. Liss

    Thank you ladyknight….

    I never really know what to say to him he’s not said anything encouraging or nice if anything him saying have a early night has Meade me feel worse …
    I don’t wanna be a burden to him and his wife so il battle it on my own . Thank you

  8. Ladynight

    He is very lucky that you feel like this toward his personal life.
    Like you said, yes we do eventually find our own tools to cope. And we are lucky that we have this site to learn from ;)

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