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6 responses to “A Day in the Life: WKslittleone”

  1. FatherJon

    Well, whatever floats yer boat……But I suggest this lady gets out more and meets someone REAL instead of pursuing some fantasy for the rest of her life. It’s just not healthy, and I’m guessing that the ‘Dom’ is probably into her for money just for keeping her fantasies alive with fond words on the internet.
    Just my opinion…….

  2. lunaKM

    Yup, it is your opinion. Just because something doesn’t line up with your impression doesn’t mean it’s wrong. She’s enjoying her life right now, there’s not a thing wrong with it.

    I met KM online and we were online only for 9 months before taking it face to face. There was an ocean separating us. So, who’s to say that there are not future plans for this couple.

  3. WKslittleone

    I would like to add that I have written this piece to give an insight into an ordinary day in my life. I am not seeking opinion or suggestion, this is my life, we are happy and I wish to share my experiences with those who may like to read them so that they may benefit or not as I have from seeing all the various forms submission can take. No two submissives are alike just as no two people are alike and we all have our different hopes, desires, expectations and understandings of our submission.

    I don’t need to get out more, I don’t need to meet someone “real”, I already have! I have a healthy, happy life filled with love and joy and fantasy too, because we all have our dreams and hopes! My Dom is “into” me because I bring him love and happiness and of course my service and that is all he and I desire.

    FJ raises an important point as I suspect his comment on money is actually in reference to submissives protecting themselves online. There are a lot of abusive so called Dom’s out there, (I have dealt with a few of them) just as there are abusive partners offline. We all need to use some common sense and protect ourselves, both subs and Doms, I am fortunate to have found someone I can trust which is why I can open up and give him all that I do.

    Thank you all :-)

  4. FatherJon

    ‘FJ raises an important point as I suspect his comment on money is actually in reference to submissives protecting themselves online’

    Yes, I had in mind the currently rampant racket on the internet known as ‘cat-fishing’, as I believe you Americans call it. Casting a baited line, so to speak, reeling in poor impressionable desperate women after feeding them the kind of dialogue one finds in any number of BDSM web groups and literature. This technique is not just amongst BDSMers but in the straight, vanilla world as well.
    I was just being cautionary, not contentious for its own sake.

  5. WKslittleone

    Thank you for clarifying…oh, and I’m not American…I’m the other side of the pond!

  6. little one

    It’s lovely to be “dug out”, for those interested, i am still happily serving my WK for two and a half years now, and i am being the best submissive i can possibly be with all the love and fulfillment that brings :-) I have a new more challenging job in management which is also fulfilling personally but eats into my time but I still find the time to serve my Dom because this is what makes us both happy. my self exploration continues and every day I find more inner strength to overcome or learn to deal with the obstacles life puts in my way!

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