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moonlight is a slave to her Master, a proud mommy and a member of a poly group in Canada. She is always learning how to balance her submission with every day life. She can be found on FetLife: moonlight_jade

6 responses to “How I Help Our Finances Without Knowing the Numbers”

  1. Lea

    Love this post. Recently moved in with my Sir, and trying to trim our grocery budget is something I’m actively working towards.

  2. tequilarose

    This is a great article! I’m very much like you moonlight and help out with the budget by keeping a close eye to my grocery list and watching the grocery ads and sales. If I find meat on sale or anything else that is consumed on a regular basis, I stock up. I do get a lot of strange looks from the cashiers when I buy four or five bottles of ketchup at a time or am buying five or six kilograms of meat. I’ve found that shopping this way helps me have more money to buy perishable items(milk, bread, ect.)that can’t be stocked up on. Daddy is always so amazed by how much I can do with the monthly grocery budget. I just wish I had a bigger freezer so I could do more.

  3. Lea

    To help cut down on our costs, we decided not to have cable TV and only use Netflix.No home phone, we just use our cell phones.

    We put switchable surge protectors in every outlet that we use, and have them switched ‘off’ when not in use to help cut down on vampire energy.

    My main goal right now is to cut down on changing costs that I can control like food and utilities. The internet bill will be the same, as will our phones (though I’m shopping around to get Sir a better deal; he pays too much).

    Now that its getting colder, I’m making sure the storm windows are down, the main windows are closed and locked. I’m thinking of weatherproofing them for the winter with plastic wrap. I keep an eye on the thermostat as well. I don’t like it too low, because we live in an old house and the pipes freezing is a real possibility. When we’re asleep I have it set to 50… I wonder if 45 is too low. In the day, I turn it off, as it’s been in the 70s, though getting in the 30′s at night.

    I’m working on groceries too. I’m learning how to shop the sales, and what decent prices for items are out here. Moving put me at a disadvantage with this, because I’m still not sure if some advertised prices around here are “good” or not. I talked to the locals, and this is a big farming community, so I’m learning where the farm stands are to get cheap produce (SO much cheaper than the supermarket). I’ve started couponing (which I never really did before). I have a binder to organize them, and I try to match coupons up with sales so I can pay even less. I’m trying to learn how to maximize double coupons, and which stores do it.

    I hope these ideas help someone else out there.

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