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2 responses to “Be Not Ashamed – Accepting Who You Are and Where You Came From”

  1. girl_stacy

    Thank you for this article. I am newly submissive and have also had to think about church beliefs vs my submissive beliefs. I too, am learning how to separate the two. I am embracing both and feel no shame for either.

  2. edyn

    I was brought up as a Catholic and they are known as being stricter than the others. Every Sunday was church when I was a kid. When I became older, my father did not like the fact I was still at home and did not have a job, even though I put in resumes/applications. I needed to act more grownup in his mind and even though I am not a little, I liked cartoons and coloring books. He did not approve of any choices that I made as an adult. My Dominant says “who cares what people think?” Do not be ashamed because I am an adult and lead my own life, make my own mistakes. My daughter’s needs are met. My family never saw it that way. It did not make a difference what I said to them or that I was an adult already. They thought of me as a kid, trying to rule me and did not know any better. I wished I knew my Dominant back then either online or off as friends. He would not stand for what they have done/said to me. The family members that thought this way I do not associate with anymore or have passed away. I do not acknowledge people like them and leave them behind.

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