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5 responses to “Domestic Servitude, Struggling With Being Overwhelmed”

  1. chimera

    Jessica thank you. My situations sounds so much like yours and I often find myself getting very discouraged, so I just quit, making things worse for everyone. Thanks for sharing, and the lovely tips :)

  2. Jessica

    Aww, you are very welcome! I am glad that this article helped you. :)

  3. Laura Marie

    Thank you for posting this. For me, it is way too easy to only see the big picture when it comes to cleaning. I get discouraged and give up. I am, for the most part, self-supervised and having tips like this helps a lot.

  4. sherise pie

    I’m needing to express my self proper to my masterdom, is there anything better than my thoughts,my heart, is an online relationship, can this turn into real life

  5. lunaKM

    It can turn into a face to face relationship if you both work hard to make that happen. My marriage started out as an online only, across the ocean relationship and we’ve been together for 11 years now.

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