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5 responses to “Understanding Natural Pain Processing Techniques for Better BDSM Play”

  1. subtoJB

    I have a really high pain threshold and that makes things very interesting. I think I vacillate between acceptance and rejection a lot, and I’m not sure there is any rhyme or reason to it.

    Before I discovered my submissive side, I used pain to ground me when I needed to focus. Most of the time it involved an intense workout or a punishing run. I remember one time I purposefully grabbed a stinging nettle plant and held onto it. It stung bitterly, but the more it hurt, the more I could focus.

    When I’m playing, I don’t feel the pain as “pain” so much as I feel and appreciate the sensation and what it does to me. Make no mistake–a level 10 swipe of the crop hurts…but the pain is acceptable.

    I’m intrigued by my reactions to pain and I enjoy pushing my limits and seeing what happens. For me, it’s all part of the D/s journey.

  2. Angela Coker

    Looking forward to the next installments on pain processing. I have been a sub in the lifestyle for a year. I have loved pain from the start and have grown and evolved so that I want to try new methods and see how far I can go. I have no limits yet. My Sir told me after our last scene, having experienced subspace mt first time that he can never whip or flog me harder than he did then or cause me internal tissue injury. So curious about where to go now. And looking forward to subspace when it graces me again.

  3. Mynameismyown

    Loss of vocal controls, its not nessesarily loud. Its loss of volume control, maybe too quiet or too loud, very much likened i would say to something you get when your overly excited. Ever been in a room full of nerds talking nerd things? Kind of like that. I also start laughing, or giggling, or smiling like a crazy person. For some reason I think its absolutely fantastic, unlike stubbing ones toe which makes me hobble around and look stupid.

    My guess on the difference as to responces is akin to in one situation i knew it was coming, accepted it, and trusted the source. In the other situation surprise. Then again give it minute and ill probably find the stubbed toe pretty funny. I like pain personally, it makes all the endorphins throw a party. More party with more pain.

    Then again my body is pretty not receptive to pain in general, it takes a lot. >.> Its actually a matter of warming me up for awhile before it starts to hurt, cause at first its like hitting a brick wall.

    I find it all odd, but thats alright. I think in the end, s’probably for the better. I’ll try and form a more cohesive responce when im half awake instead of fighting sleep, sorry.

  4. 8thouse

    OMG Thank you so much. I am new and only talking with a dom right now. I have much to learn and this video just made my mind go aha! Very interesting stuff.
    Thanks again. Looking forward to watching your other videos. :)

  5. traci price

    I am new to finding out what are my limits. I am unclaimed but do have a master who does listen to me when we talk about my limits and how I handle punishments and how much I try to focus on not losing count,I love the pain management article..

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