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Tequila Rose is a full time slave who recently relocated to Germany to be with her Master. She has been in the lifestyle since her early twenties and continues to learn more about the lifestyle and being a slave. She now spends her days learning her new language and wandering the streets of Dortmund. You can contact her via email:

3 responses to “Book Review: Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission: After Graduation”

  1. Lisa

    I enjoyed both series as well. Red Phoenix writes with a good understanding of bdsm, and Brie is such a fun, intelligent sub. I enjoyed this review. The Doms and Domme are individual enough to show different aspects of dominance, and the subs all had distinct personalities, no passive submission. If someone is unfamiliar with D/s, this series gives a fairly good background on it. Thanks for spreading the word on this series! I hope Red continues it… ;)

  2. reader

    I read the After Graduation series based on this review and wowza! Thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks!

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