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13 responses to “What is Primal Play?”

  1. kitty911

    This is what I love.

  2. subtotal

    I’m sorry, but I still don’t get what is Primal play. : /

  3. lunaKM

    It is acting like an animal in play, so fighting, biting, growling etc. You abandon the human aspects and just be animals. Usually people pick a certain animal to be.

  4. FatherJon

    Hilarious! Mr Samsonite, love it! Yes, I’ve known them too…and they expect everyone else to join in their obsession with their toys, lingerie and bobbles and bangles. In the vanilla world we just call them bores.

  5. JPsub

    I love being primal although I do not do rope bondage. I do not like being tied up, but I do like the nipping at the neck and using my nails on Him. It is us leaving our mark on the other as a reminder and a sensual thing.

  6. Willow

    As long as I could remember Iv wanted to be some type of animal. As a kid and even now I like to become a cat. I’m a cute kitten that likes the big beautiful scary panther. Even though I have never done any of this I love it. The only thing I don’t like is the bondage I don’t like feeling like I can’t escape or move the only kind I like are leashes.

  7. DaleCooper

    My wife/Mistress discovered something neat the other day that may appeal to people who are into primal play: she discovered that if she pressed her fingertips hard into my thighs, it would turn me into a shrieking crying mess. Almost like extreme pinching. I’ve never heard of this before but I think it would fit well in a primal scene.

  8. lunaKM

    Hi DaleCooper – You might want to research more into pressure points. It’s likely that’s what she has found. They teach a lot about pressure points in women’s self-defense classes so you can find a lot of information online from that perspective, but it works for play also.

  9. BizzarePanic

    I think I’ve found myself here. All my life I’ve wondered. Now I know what those needs were. I am i a primal sub.

  10. Emi

    Curious if it’s acceptable to use the term ‘primal’ for completely consensual but breeding-based animalistic type sex? With a lot of biting and scratching, but not so much a fight or any harm. And lots of animal noises … eheh

  11. Marianne

    Thank you for sharing this, Luna!

    I LOVE the throught of a strong brut conquring and forcing me to submit!

    I’m really enjoying your blog and it’s helped me so much in my new D/s relationship, which has finally begun after decades of being the woman in control. Yeah for me!


  12. Deka

    I appreciate you writing about this, though I do wish it was more in detail. However, I had an issue. Now before anyone jumps down my throat, this is NOT hate comments, or Trolling. I just wanted to say that, with all the negativity shining on our lifestyle, that I personally feel you could have written this article without attacking other Dominants, and how they do things. It doesn’t matter if Mr. Samsonite, takes half the party to get set up, and that he has a love for tools. Each person is different, and that is what is so beautiful about all the different parts of our lifestyle!

    Just something you might want to consider for your next article. Embrace the differences, not slash them! Just like Primal’s are getting tired of being told they aren’t apart of this community, perhaps embracing each other, is better than knocking them down???

  13. lunaKM

    @Deka – Thank you for the constructive criticism. slave kathy, the author, no longer writes for Submissive Guide so I doubt she will see this but I will take it under advisement.

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