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18 responses to “Using a Slave Journal – It’s Not What You Think!”

  1. Twist

    I’ve used standard spiral notebooks, letter-sized. They’ve served me well, but now I’m making the transition from a casual online Master to a 24/7 service position with another Master. Things can get very confused in a situation like this!

    My own sub, pepper, likes little scraps of paper — but as her Mistress I hate them. She may use them for herself if she must, but anything submitted to me must be on a standard letter-sized sheet.

    Now that things are becoming more complicated, I’ve recently made the transition to composition books and a real live database (Microsoft Access), from which a formal House Handbook will emerge by the time we relocate.

    I like composition books — like lab notebooks, in which pages are never removed so that all notes are permanently retained. I do love fancy journal books but use those for my other writings. The “Comp Book” is for daily notes, orders, bits of info, details that might otherwise be omitted or forgotten. It only takes a few minutes a few times a week to transfer relevant information to its proper place in the database.

    If I decide to retire my “Luddite” (technology-phobe) label at any time in the future, I might even change from the composition book to an electronic Personal Data Assistant or even a tablet. In the meantime, at 50 cents each on sale right now at WalMart, the comp book has been an elegant solution to the information management issues in our household.

  2. gandolf

    At my Mistress request I have a journal as well. I unfortunately don’t have the possibility to see Her often, that’s why She requires daily updates. She uses it as a communication tool between us.
    Speaking for myself, it’s not a physical book ; this is just a word document that I store in an online share (dropbox). Only me and my Mistress has access to it and can access it from everywhere with any device connected to Internet. My already 800 pages journal is full of poems, stories, articles, essays, thoughts, feelings. Even for me it’s quite nice to read in order to see my sub path.
    Problem with dropbox is we have no possibility to know if someone accesses it (no logs files) … that’s quite frustrating.
    Writing daily texts is not easy at all, that’s why I think about it during the day and write my ideas on my phone in an app like Evernote.

  3. Anaksha

    I think that The Slave Journal is a great idea. I look forward to picking out the perfect notebook for me & Daddy and writing in it. What a unique way to show your submission…!! Thanks Luna =)

  4. IrishPrincess

    I love this idea and can’t wait to start one myself. It would also help me in reflecting in my behaviors that often tick Master off so I can recognize and change the behavior before doing it again.

  5. Chaoticsub

    I have come across this before. I have never put it to use though. I think I may give it a try, especially since I am quite forgetful!

  6. JadeGoddess

    I am new to the D/s life an identify most as a switch….i believe this will help in training and research…great idea…i love writting

  7. Rayne69

    I’m very new to this lifestyle. I don’t have a Dom but I want one and I want to be trained and I would love it if someone would want to be my mentor.

  8. Synn Tryst

    I love my journals and have several. But my favorite to use and carry around all the time are the 5×7 1subject notebooks. They are the perfect size to fit in my purse and have about 80 pages, plus they come in packs of three from Staples. (I use one for grocery lists, its kept with my coupons, and I have several that I keep notes in for future writing projects.) I had never thought of keeping a slave journal but it makes sense in a lot of ways. And those who know me see me with a notebook in hand all the time, so keeping a slave journal with me won’t seem unusal. Thank you for the idea.

  9. Debbie

    I am very new to this lifestyle and need all the help and information that I can get, I will ask my Master if he wishes me to use a slave journal, I hope so as I feel that it would be very helpful to both of us.

    Debs x

  10. Owned Pet

    My journaling start as an idea I had after one of my first meetings with my master. I wanted to remember all of the details of the day. I suggested that I was going to write our story. He liked the idea and said that would be one of my tasks, my essay assignments. I wrote the recap of how our session played out, all the details of how I dressed, what we did, thoughts that went though my head during, what I liked, what I worried about and how I felt afterwards. I wrote in a word document rather than paper. Master asked that I emailed it to him when I was done and he would read it. I like the idea that he can replay our time through my words and feelings. He sometimes had questions about what I write. It is a very sweet way for us to know each other better. I started calling them my chapters in the story of us, master and pet. I tease him that we will have enough for a book when we are done, hopefully a trilogy. We are up to 5 chapters so far. Just the other night he told me that he was reading all of the chapters again. I have the most amazing master. Demanding but sweet and caring.

  11. Bellezara

    I do write in a journal daily but not in the detail that they go into. I think that is also a really good idea and will help me remember what he likes.

  12. Ash

    I have found that I like to combine both types of journaling styles. I use this sort of log as a supplement to my journaling and find that it’s much more satisfying when you can keep a record of these sorts of things, especially rules and current projects. :)

  13. Kochana

    From the beginning of my relationship with my Dom one of my tasks was to submit an email to Him at least once daily with questions, thoughts, feelings, as well as keeping Him up to date with detailed accounts of my completion of tasks He’s requested of me. I often use these e-mails to unravel my thoughts and feelings as I write, which has allowed Him an intimate look at what is happening in my head at any given time (as His responses do for me). This has also, by virtue of it’s detail, become a record of the progression of O/our relationship. I also, on my own, keep a daily journal which documents all of His likes/dislikes, tasks, rules, (some) punishments if I fail to follow through, ways I can serve Him without him having to ask, etc. I refer to both daily and find them indispensable.

  14. male0521

    Within the past 6 months, I began to use Evernote extensively for my Slave notes. I can store pictures, hyperlinks, wish-lists, preferences, protocols, commands, tasks etc all by using different folders that sync between all my devices.
    Additionally, Mistress has access to the files and she can update a grocery list, send me notices and information etc. These communications are all secure and private.
    We developed a shared Google calendar as well which has helped us coordinate our busy schedules more efficiently.
    My phone is with me everywhere and thus so is my slave journal. Others above mentioned a journal of personal reflection etc. I have that in Evernote also. (I use the free version)
    As a 24/7 slave in a 15+ year relationship with children in the home, I will attest that the right tools can significantly enhance your communication and kink while maintaining your privacy and protecting your kids.

  15. Slut

    my Master told me to start one in the form of tumblr. Since he reads from tumblr, he suggests that I follow how they use it. And sure enough, they use it as a journal diary! So i’ve done the same but on my own accord, I started enumerating my Master’s orders for the day and assignments. Given the nature of tumblr, I started reblogging gif images of sex play similar to what we do. When he is stressed at work he tells me that he re reads my entries to take his mind off things. With this I’m glad it serves him in that aspect. He has also started to turn to some of my reblogged videos and gif as source of things to do in bed.

  16. Chris

    I think a journal would be a very good idea. My Master doesn’t require one from me, but i think i’d like to journal anyways. but, i don’t even know were to start!? any ideas that could prompt me?

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