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blyss started her journey in the Lifestyle community openly in the late 90s and hasn't looked back since. She’s a Lifestyle educator; was interviewed for and featured in the Lifestyle documentary Kinky that has been screened in film festivals country wide, most notably at Cinekink. Her fortes are cooking and other domestic services She can be found on: FetLife - charmedblyss Twitter - @charmedblyss

4 responses to “Single in the Scene Part V: The Truth about Singlehood”

  1. tequilarose

    @charmedblyss, thank you again for another awesome article! Once again, I really enjoyed reading this. I love how honest you are about how hard it is to be single in the lifestyle. I think again, this is one of those things that tends to either get sugar coated or not discussed at all. Reading this took me back to when I was first starting out and uncollared and I can remember feeling everything that you discussed. How I felt like the odd duck at the play parties because I was the only unattached submissive and would have to go around talking to collared slaves or submissives and asking them if it was okay if I asked their masters could scene with me or throwing myself into helping at these types of things so I could be of some use and in a way feel like I could belong. The passion you have comes through clearly in writing and thank you for sharing your soul with us again! <3

  2. Charles McKinney

    I was blown away by the transparency and powerful words that
    came from Charmed Blyss ! I am a 47 y/o male, I am interested in learning more about fetlife and Slave/Master lifestyle. If anyone has any information for a beginner, located in Atlanta, please e-mail or call me at 770-856-0144 Thanks,Charles……

  3. blyss

    @tequilarose Thank you for your continued support, it truly does inspire me. I feel that if more people admitted to these feelings and how they impact the uncollared slave’s decision making process, then it would be much more easier to address the matter when the free slave makes very poor decisions. Maybe there should be a ‘free slave support’ network or group in local areas lol.

  4. blyss

    @Charles Mckinney, thank you kindly :o). The only way to really learn more about FL is to simply join and explore the site, take it with a grain of salt. Beginners need to be mindful of the fact that just because we’re in an alternative way of life doesn’t mean that people didn’t bring their ‘stuff’ with them, they did and do. So go in with a healthy dose of skepticism as you move forward. Take the time to *educate* yourself (can’t emphasize that enough).

    I wish you all the best!

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