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Kallista is an English teacher and author; she and her Dom dated for a year before they made the choice to begin actively exploring the D/s aspects that had begun to take shape in their relationship.

3 responses to “Rules for the Working Sub”

  1. chocolateenvygc

    Thank you so very much kallista for writing this article. Just like you I am in a LDR and a working s/type. This is something that my Master and I have been working on for the past year. We have gone thought lots of changes job wise. When we first got together I was unemployed and trying to decide if I wanted to go back to office work or follow my passions as a chef. I landed an office job before a kitchen job. We only had to tweak the rules a little. Approval for outfits and so on keeping most of the standing rules. Things worked out great! However I wasn’t happy in the job and was missing the kitchen.. As luck would have it I landed my dream job at a local college. I cook some days and manage the fount of house the others. The hours sucked, the work was hard and this is where the problems started to come into play. Rushed phone calls between food service, missed dates the list went on and on. I was use to having an am chat with Master as we both dressed for work. It was a standing date for us. Now with the new job I was getting in at 3am and was still sleeping when he was dressing for the day. I tried for a while to wake up and have that special time in the day but he knew how tired I was and flat out ordered me to sleep in. Finally things came to a head and we had to scrap everything and start fresh. We now have two sets of schedules/rules one for when I am in full session and the other for when I am on summer and winter break at the college. I am given a week to flow from one to the other. I know we say and see these words all the time but communication is very much the key to the working sub/slave. I think this is a topic that needs to be spoken about more often, I hope to read about it more in the future.
    chocolateenvy slave to Gentleman Chris

  2. tequilarose

    Great article! Even as a live-in slave, it is hard to make the transition from being fast food manager back to slave. During my work hours, I couldn’t exactly be my normal submissive type as it was up to me to make sure that everything was done and the shift ran smoothly and this included barking orders at my employees and refusing to step down when I had told them to do something. I felt at times I had to have this “bitch from hell” attitude to get things done(The joys of working with high school aged kids!)and I hated it because when I got home from work, I would still be in this attitude, trying to blow steam off from work. There were a few times where I wasn’t exactly the shining example of a slave for Daddy when I got home and I didn’t like that. I think this is something that any submissive or slave that works outside of the home has to deal with, especially when being in a position of management. One thing I did was because of wearing long pants, I was able to always wear my ankle cuffs and it made a world of difference for me. Thank you so much for sharing what works for you and your Dom because I can see you helping others who are struggling with this very issue! <3

  3. darlingdownunder

    Also in a 24/7 working D/s relationship with my husband of six years. One thing that puts me into my submissive role is to change out of my work clothes and into my house garments as soon as I arrive home. My submission rules state that dresses are to be worn with undergarments only if required by Sir. It felt strange at first, but comforting and safe after only a short time. …it feels odd to wear bras and panties outside of scenes.

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