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5 responses to “Little Known Ways We Experience Sub Space”

  1. Roslin

    I hit subspace when i am bound in rope … while i suppose it falls ubder bring tightly bound, the first time i flew in a rope suspension was amazing as well.

  2. Esmeralda Sub

    Interesting read… I get subspace after an intense pain session combined with sexual play, its when I zone off and can take a lot of pain, its almost like being in a meditative state

  3. Lynne

    I reached subspace the one time I experienced pain play. After that I realized the state I found myself in after intense great sex was subspace. Now I’m much more careful after sex.

  4. Richard Bonder

    I was at my dentist. The female hygienist did a thorough long job on my teeth and gums. Lots of attention and her fingers and probes are in my mouth. I was ripe for this sensational experience of ‘feeling’ lightly dominated while her encouraging feminine voice helped me drift back to a kind of child like state. I started to fantasize heavily based on some great videos and pictures I have seen of sex/domination in dentist offices! It was better than any sex I have had. She had no idea of how I was feeling in my head. I swear no one that knows me would ever suspect. Its hard for even me to believe it. But think about it. Being in a vulnerable dentist chair, an attractive female, and a ready mind. WOW. My wife always kids me about loving my dentist. If she only knew!

  5. Jason

    I am able to enter sub-space with self play whenever I have adequate time to play with no feeling of being rushed. Although the amount of time it takes me to enter into sub-space varies, the depth is almost always consistently like an out of character/out of body experience, as if I’ve become someone totally different, willing to assume roles and behaviors way beyond the limits of my normal self. My play sessions are somewhat ritualistic in nature, following pre-determined activities in the beginning stage of play. I actually know approximately at what point I will slip into the state of euphoria. Each session begins as follows: 1-Slow and intentional undressing in front of a long mirror until completely naked. Folding my clothing as I proceed to undress, while drinking a minimum of 4 large glasses of water 2- I lay out a large towel (one I keep in a drawer only for play time) and I lay out all of the toys I intend to play with on it, along with multiple lubes. 3- Go into the bathroom and give myself a good deep enema, again watching in the mirrors, followed by another and another until all is clear 4- Insert my favorite butt plug, a very large black one, with lots of lube. 5- I go into the kitchen and put on a kettle of water to boil, then go get my next larger sized butt plug and put it into a deep bowl. While waiting for the water to boil, I surf whatever flavor of porn seems hot at the moment and drink 2-3 more glasses of water. Once the water is boiled I pour it into the bowl to really heat up the butt plug. 6- I take my largest stemmed wine glass from the kitchen, go to the bathroom and fill it to the brim with my piss, I pee any remainder if needed into the toilet, then set the full wine glass next to the shower 7-Take a nice shower with the first butt plug still in, taking my time to clean and shave any areas needed (I keep myself clean shaven)-after finishing with my shower but while still standing in the shower, I retrieve the wine glass and begin drinking my own still warm piss. I take my time purposefully, holding it in my mouth after each drink before swallowing. I finish the entire glass. (It is usually somewhere between the beginning of number 6, getting the wine glass, and midway into number 7, taking the shower, that I slip fully into my state of sub-space.) 8-While still in the shower I remove the plug from my ass, if it is clean, then I will finish my shower with the plug removed, clean the plug thoroughly and get out and dry off. However, if the plug is not absolutely, perfectly clean, whether only a speck of feces or completely covered with my poo, I have mentally resolved beforehand to lick and clean the plug completely with my mouth. (sometimes I can’t do it, and by that I know I’m not truly deep enough in sub-space yet, but most times I do it without hesitation, not just merely licking at it either, but licking every bit of it and sucking on it until clean, even licking my fingers of any residual. I have a few times dug into my anus to see if anything else was there and licked my fingers repeatedly while doing so) 9-If found dirty in #8, then I repeat the enema, and re-shower, then dry off. 10-I place the now cleaned plug that was in my ass on the towel with the rest of the toys, go to the kitchen and retrieve the bowl of hot water with the larger plug in it, take it to the bathroom, re-lube very well, and insert the larger, warm plug. It is at this point that I go about playing with myself, usually some form of cbt, or anal play. I have a few pretty extreme self play games that I have written that use random number generator from the web and dice to choose my fate, but sometimes I log onto chatrandomgay, sit in a submissive posture with my toys spread out on the towel between my legs and a sign that reads, “Tell me what to do.” It is at the stage of play when I cum that indicates how deep in sub-space I am, most of the time I am satisfied to stop, clean up, and put away the toys, occasionally however, I will keep going, driven by the state I’m in, still filled with desire for submission, wanting to perform unthinkable acts on and in front of random strangers.

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