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22 responses to “What is a Collar? What Does it Mean to be Collared?”

  1. xavier

    At my collaring My Dom are mine..I own you. I melted. Holding my leash I got 3 lashes to confirm my surrender and slave status. All our friends In attendace and applauded and we had a blast.
    Surrender of mind and body and soul to be owned and controlled by my owner
    Was the most satisfying incident to me.

  2. Molly


    My girlfriend and I have been together for a year and have decided to take our relationship to a d/s level outside of the bedroom. I adore submitting to her and love the idea of having that control and connection in all parts of our life together, and she vice versa. We currently don’t live together yet but plan to in the near future. We’ve exchanged promise rings and plan to get married within the next 2 years as soon as I finish with my undergraduate and we both have our careers under way. I love the idea of collaring (I’ve always loved wearing dog collars even when I was single) and the meaning is now far greater to me now that I want to be collared to my dom and the love of my life. Is that something that would go beyond our promise rings? We want to legally get married and I understand that is different than collaring but would you say that having a separate collaring ceremony would be appropriate to add to the commitment regarding the d/s dimension of our relationship?

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