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2 responses to “5 Ways to Stop Thinking of Work When You Come Home to Your Dominant”

  1. gaterz

    I thank God that I don’t have the kind of job that I bring home with me. Whatever that job is, is not for me. Although the first thing I do directly after work is turn up the music rather loudly in the car. That, for me, is relaxing.

  2. betty

    Actually, this is a great topic for me. I have a very hard time processing the change. I love your ideas Luna. I think part of my trouble was in rushing in to fast to prepare dinner and straightening the house, etc. I should STOP and assess the priorities. Go to my Master with a drink, smile,request for a hug…. anything but maintain that anxiety and stress from hectic day. Or, go fun a bath. Strip off the old day to be fresh in my evening and body and in spirit!

    Thanks for posting!! Looking forward to other opinions as well :)



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