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Thisgirl is a 30 year old submissive living in the UK and engaged to her Master, Grimly. To contact her visit her blog or by fetlife or e-mail

5 responses to “A Fond Farewell to”

  1. riccarda

    IC was the site that finally got me out on the scene visiting Munches which is the best thing i ever did :-)

    but it has been this site that has helped me stay out on the scene the articles have helped me focus and understand myself as a submissive

    strangely i knew my wonderful Mistress before i ever attended a munch but its getting out on the scene, the articles on this site that has allowed me to develop to a point i am worthy to be Her submissive

  2. selkie

    Hi thisgirl,

    Yeah, I knew. Bummer, especially when my favorite site, TSR – which ran on the same infrastructure – closed down back in September of last year. But the good news is that Informed Consent is also on FetLife: They still have listings for events in the UK.

    Still, its kind of sad. FetLife is great and all, but there’s just too much of it, if you know what I mean. I joined up again just to hang out with the TSR folks and its not so bad if I just stay within our little corner, there. Otherwise its like trying to navigate Times Square,and I’m a small-town girl, lol!

    But we still have Submissive Guide, so all is not lost!

  3. Alex

    Hi There
    I met my Princess on Rubberpal, although its not really a D/S site you could post articles and profiles as Sub or Dom. We spend alot of time on Fetlife and also on our wordpress blog.
    Princess reads articles on Submissive Guide and also TSR.

  4. thisgirl

    riccarda, thanks for your comment i’m glad you are finding submissive guide useful in developing your submission :)

    selike, i’m a small town girl too!

    Alex, thats good i know a few people that met on RP – its a nice friendly site too :)

  5. Alex

    I’m glad informedconsnet is dead personally, I used it a lot, to blog mostly, I found quite a few of the users to be up themselves and some also fruit bats. I also thought the moderaters were awful – so I’m glad it’s dead – my experience wasn’t entirely negative but mostly was, it was basically Tanos’ little empre

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