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6 responses to “Submissive Advent – Day 6: Awareness”

  1. selkie

    I’m not sure I have a single moment so much as a few throughout the day. I don’t think it necessarily depends on what I’m doing, either. Maybe I’m just obsessive, lol!

    There’s this website on which Master and i maintain a private profile. This where we write stuff to each other so that’s guaranteed to remind me of my status. I copied and pasted that sonnet from the first advent day, and I make any confessions and accept instructions/punishments, etc. through there when we are not together.

  2. bonimiss

    I agree with selkie that there are several moments throughout the day when I feel owned but what is common to all of them is focus. It is stopping the whirlwind of thoughts going through my head, stopping my physical running around, and taking those few moments to think of Sir. What triggers this focus? Sometimes it just comes out of no where and other times it can be as simple as getting his “OK” text. It can be a smile on my face, the blue sky, or standing in the shower. But it is that focus and letting it spread throughout my body and accepting “knowing’ it.

  3. Linda

    i never really had one thing until recently. Tonight Daddy bought me a beautiful silver bracelet for our anniversary with a heart charm engraved with “Daddy’s Girl” on it. It clinks like a bell on a kitty collar. That charm will be an “always” reminder that i am His and that He loves me.

    Before this, sometimes it would be when He would message me on Facebook at lunchtime “Hello little girl”. That always brings a smile to my face and reminds me of my submission to Him. Or when we had guests over last weekend. i needed to clear a chair for someone to sit on. i jumped out of the chair i was sitting in so Daddy wouldn’t need to get up and do it. i knew it was MY place to be doing that, not His.

  4. Mscami

    This is something that has been “top of me” very often for me lately. i’ve found that the more i submit in different areas of my life, the more aware i am of my place. i’ve also found that the more tasks/activities i do at His direction, the more deeply i feel His. We were talking last night that when He selects my wardrobe for the next day that it never ceases to amaze me how much happiness i get out of Him selecting my clothes. It was interesting be He observed that, i know i’m pleasing Him all day long by what i’m wearing … it was so true and i found myself thinking about it quite often today. This topic is also what i’ve been thinking about regarding other new habits He has be creating in me, following the speed limit, my oral hygiene & cleaning up for bed at night (i know, seems silly … yes i know and have always known those were things to do – good for teeth and skin at night, flossing each day, using good mouth rinse and following the speed limit for safety … but, well, i’d get tired & a little lazy and then often rushed when in the car); these are things that are not sexual in nature, but purely submissive to His directives and that somehow makes it tinged with a sexuality as well as the emotional.

    Of course, i’m *most* aware of being His submissive when i’m directly under His control and obeying in the moment … but it feels more and more and more like that all the time.

  5. a_grateful_girl

    I am always aware that I am owned, our authority transfer is something that flows through all we do.
    There are moments where I get that tingly thrill – an example would be when he bound me, blindfolded me and then surprised me by sharing my… oral skills… with someone we know. Afterwards he looked at me and said “Mine, to do with and share as I see fit”. This didn’t make me feel more aware of being owned or submissive but it did send a tingle up my spine. :)

  6. Mscami

    i feel so silly … i don’t know why i didn’t think of this as my answer, or at least a significant part of my answer: I am not permitted to self-stimulate without express command. I have, with my full submissive heart, turned complete control of my body to my Master. There are many many times when I see images or read thoughts/stories and that body responds with pounding need and desire, yet I don’t consider reacting to that need … it is those times I feel even more deeply submissive and more completely HIS.

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