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2 responses to “Submissive Advent – Day 24: Spirit of Submission”

  1. preciouswinter

    I want to thank you deeply for taking the time to ask the questions of the advent it has been a small journey but a deep insightful one for me.

    What I have learned is a lot about me, through the advent prompts is that I can still be, myself, humble, quite and deferring in nature. Yet be the strong, don’t take anything from anyone woman I have to be in my current situation that Master wants and knows I have to be. I learned from the questions of the advent, that in my submission to Master, I have found the freedom that so many submissive find and more. His gift of allowing me to be his, has freed me from swimming upstream all day every day of my life. I can see where the emotional stress from having to take on a role that was so against my nature created the inner stress that almost killed me. That emotional stress caused me to develop serious health problems. It didn’t take Master long to teach me how to handle the world and those around me and my health began improving. It truly is the gift of life that he has given me. By what may seem such a simple thing, just allowing me to be his, he allowed me to rest in his Love, trust and protection, I don’t have to swim upstream all the time anymore. My mind and body are able to rest and heal.
    “There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi
    The quote me means what Master has been teaching me. That there is always a hundred ways to do something, some however are better than others. That I have to stop being so concerned in how the world sees me and take care of things in a manner that is right for me and my child. All those other ways are killing me and end the end it doesn’t matter what others thought of me and I can’t hold myself accountable for others feelings, or in this case how they chose to ask me kiss the ground, and I refused knowing it was a wrong choose for me and my child.

    Has my submission shone this year? At times I am not sure it has. Master is proud of me and my progress, stands to reason I am shinning. I feel like I have come a long way in just the 6 months that Master and I have been together. Master shines more than I do this year. I read somewhere once a Master is not born of nature but is born a dominant and the moment he realizes the power of a submissive, the Master in him is born. For Master that is what happened. He and I met on the same path in life and he recognized me as a submissive, in that moment the Master in him was born. I am proud I was the one he has selected to be his first submissive and that I was there to see the Man I already trusted and love, transform into the kind, loving, wonderful Master that he is.

    Is there anyway I can enhance my feeling of submission in the coming months? I might not be understanding the question correctly. Part of my stress in my life was clearly due to the fact I am submissive and feel it all the time. I still have things to learn from Master and lesson he has taught to not so much relearn but apply when necessary. A thought I need to discuss with Master and see what his option is and go from there.
    Where am I in my journey? Just starting over really. Have a long last found myself again. In my profile in Second Life for a while I had listed about myself and still feel that way today. “I am for the very first time in a long time finally, just Winter.” In becoming my Masters girl I found me again.

    I am most certainly stuck at a fork in the road in my current situation.
    My current situation is the fork in the road isn’t due to my submission. I have been on a long road that has led here and have thought I was here many time before but I now see I wasn’t ready and I wasn’t to this point yet. I am stuck due to outside things such as supporting my child, and health issues. I know and have always been able to see these are things I can overcome. I just can’t see how right now. I have learned through Master to not allow these issues over come me. To take them for what they are and work on them. That even things I thought he is unable to even help me with that he still will not be able to make the final decision that alone will be mine, but he can and will guide me and help me find my way. That I need to accept his love and guidance, so that I can be a better me for him as well as myself and child.

    In other ways, my relationship with Master, I am traveling on easy street now.
    I am on easy street with Master right now, for one I can’t remember the last time I had to be punished and he has not had to have a long conversation with me, that in the end, physically exhausted both of us. I also found this to be true, when I found my ah ha moment, while doing the advent prompts, and I deeply realized…. I am really his .. like the velveteen rabbit I have become “real,” I am his. I am at last being the real me. That realization bought me a deep comfort, I have to be honest never known. I am as I put in that prompt, for the first time safe. I really feel safe in my relationship with my Master at a level I have only dreamed about. Even before Master and I became a couple. I knew, he was what I had been looking for. I realized one day that I was waiting on his questions, looking forward and waiting on his responses. I allowed him to led me even when I wasn’t his. I even did this when I would not allow the man I was in a relationship to do the very same things, I held that man at arms lenght. Even after Master very firmly told me not to pin my hopes on him, he was not settling down. I still found myself following his lead, waiting on him to decide what was right for me. I even planned and kept the man I was with again at arms lenght so that I could I experience some of my online “firsts” with Master. Looking back, I wanted those first times to be with him because I already trusted him to protect me, I knew he would not mislead me. Even then I wanted his trust and his devotion but only on his terms. Even knowing he had closed the door to us at that time being a couple, I knew with him I could be myself. I could relax and release the real me, and not feel I had to follow the so call social standards and be something I am not. Still wondering at times how did I get so blessed he made that decision to allow me to be his. To allow for us to be a couple. That alone has allowed me in many ways to fully be who I am meant to be.
    I don’t know yet where my journey with my Master will take us, I do know no matter how it ends, I will have a best friend, for the rest of the days of my life. Right now I am content with just being his, to be taken when he desires, and to rest in the comfort he has and never will lead me down a path I shouldn’t go. That he will be there pushing me forward when I think I can’t, and knowing it is good for me. I am looking forward to our relationship growing when and how he decides. I am more than sure there is going to be harder paths to travel than others, and that is, if for no other reason, the defiant red head in me, that I am more than sure gives him a run for his money from time to time.
    —Winter .. Simple a unique snowflake in life …

  2. Carl Johan Ringius

    Im longin for My mistress who died !and now am i alone and must take care of all by myself and make all My punichment who i need by My self but im seeking for a new mistress to fulfill the rest of My life , so i can continue to be that slave i was ment to be !

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