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4 responses to “Never Say Never: Overcoming Hard Limits”

  1. Cyaocide

    Wow, this article really hits home, as someone who puts breath play in that “OH HELL NO” category himself, , and for some of the exact same reasons, goes to show just how right you are, and that there is a right way to push someone’s limits.

  2. Slavekathy

    Thanks Cyaocide. With the right domme, and a lot of trust, you could grow to love it. :)

  3. SassyBBWSubmissive

    I agree with SlaveKathy, but disagree totally with the Master who would do this. Why? Despite the warnings about abusive Doms, and any references that he was a good Master, that would have had me out the door immediately. Am I willing to work on my Hard Limits? Absolutely. However, I’m not willing to work on them with someone who would not take the time to build a relationship with me on trust, respect, honesty and communication. The way you and your Dominant took your Hard Limit away was the best. Do I have to marry my Dom? No. Do I have to trust him implicitly and completely? YES. I put my Hard Limits up as radar, too. I’m more than willing to work through them with the right Dom, but the men who look at them and either argue them or dismiss them are not the Dom for me. I had a relationship with one Dom already, short-lived due to unforeseen circumstances. But he set the standard for me. He started off with the things I was interested in or willing to try and worked down to those that made me uncomfortable. Had we gone on, I would have asked him to help me past the Hard ones. Again, built on trust.

  4. Slavekathy

    @Sassy, you are absolutely right. It’s all about trust. :)

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