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5 responses to “Submissive Self-Discovery Leads to Self-Worth”

  1. DeliciousVixen


    I really enjoyed this article. I really have a hard time at work because it is just such a negative environment. Every action seems to be met with negativity. My coworkers make me feel stupid. What can I do to help my self image at work? My Daddy lifts me up all the time. However, work is just such a drag.


  2. Misty


    I hope you don’t mind if I give my 2 cents. I work in a no good deed goes unpunished kind of place as well. I decided to be the bumper sticker. I decided to be the change I wanted to see. At first I kind of over exaggerated it, but then as others started to participate in my fake it til you make it positivity I reacted at more honest levels. No I won’t say there was a mass movement or anything but our section has been in a much better mood and relating to each other much kinder.

    This helped me to feel like I’ve accomplished something while supporting others even at first as they were trying to bring me down.

  3. KateKat

    This article really hit home for me. After a failed marriage I felt lost and out of control. My self-worth was defined by my sexuality and desirability and that was all but gone. So I had sought comfort in online dating, simply to raise my self-esteem. And that is when my Master had found me. It started as a simple long distance relationship, but as we talked more and more we both discovered how absolutely perfect we were for one another, and through simple tasks and many long talks, we had clearly defined that not only were we really going to try for a relationship, but that what we wanted, no, needed was dominance and submission. He is the perfect Master for me, and I his loving pet. Through our relationship I have come to grow and learn more about myself. I am desirable and sexy, but worth something more than just my body. There are two simple words from my Master, that I have heard a thousand times in my life, but when spoken by him have true meaning. Through submission I have found my self-worth and can truly feel like a “good girl”.

  4. Daddy's girl

    I can so relate to your journey. When my submissive side came into life, it seemed to open a whole new world for me! I found connections with people who made me feel like I finally fit in.

    Fast forward to where I am at now. Having to bury my submissive side because my husband has no desire to be a part of this lifestyle. We tried many times but it just led to anger & frustration. But because I love my husband I was forced to choose.

    How do I see myself now? As an aging fat blob mired in depression & anxiety. I have shut down & stopped caring.

  5. RichardShaft

    I am completely under my goddess’s power

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