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I have been in the lifetsyle for almost 5 years, and submissive to SirLancelot for almost as long. I see myself as a 'sub with slave tendancies', sometimes more one than the other. I love playing with my Master, but am driven by my journey into exploring our M/s relationship.

5 responses to “Service: There’s an App for that!”

  1. His lil slave

    i discovered Dan & dawn’s “Erotic Awakening” podcast, as well as Dark Angel’s “The Dark Side” – i listen to them a lot (my Master likes when i listen and gets a wicked thrill when i take my iPod grocery shopping and get all flushed with some of the podcasts i listen to). It gives me and Him a lot to talk about, and sharing thoughts about the lifestyle and our own dynamic really brings us closer!

  2. Fallen Angel

    I tend to be more of a brat sub…hmmm, which almost sounds like a type of sausage link… Lol. Anyway, I have found the apps very useful as well. I use the Android apps I was using very helpful. I have one that tracks when my period is, when i am most fertile, etc. But most importantly, gives me an indication of PMS might kick in. So I can keep my irritation to myself…instead of sharing it with others like an horribly hot, humid, smelly waiting room. Lol. I also use memo one for different tasks, but I am definitely going to go check out a grocery one. I am currently using an app to track my weight, what I consume, and my measurements. Even if I fall of the diet wagon, I have something that is holding me accountable that tells me…yeah that innocent looking tub of icee freeze you just consumed at the movie theatres was over 2000 calories! It makes me realize how horribly bad for me the things I eat are, instead of just blindly consuming. Master loves me for me, but he also wants me to be healthy. He just purchased a treadmill 2 weeks ago that is working out well. Instead of my weight travelling up, it has maintained. And my app shows how if I eat to much, I can exercise to either get rid of it completely or even go into negative thereby consuming less calories.

    The game apps keep me from being my annoying bratty self by keeping me occupied. Lol.

  3. bonimiss

    I have had an Android for 2 years now. I find My Tracker wonderful since I can use it to track my miles running and how fast I am going. I also use a memo app, daily horoscope, weather, store apps and a wallet to keep my passwords straight. A flashlight app is very handy when there are no nearby street lights. I love the alarms most of all since I use it to remind me of all sorts of events including deadlines for Sir’s rules. My Android is getting old and Sir has told me to get an iPhone in the near future. I will miss my Android but look forward to figuring out the iPhone. I know it will connect easily with my Mac so that is an added benefit. One final thing I use my Android for is reading books. I have the Kindle on my phone and I often read my D/s books while standing in line at the grocery store.

  4. Goodgirlbabygirl

    Our Home is such a fun app… However Sir isn’t a big fan because it inspires me to complete chores for rewards, instead as doing them to please him (which is the true reward). Dairo, I write in my daily writings, core list, and rules. They are available for my Master to check easily and often. My calorie counter… Great especially because it’s spring and I am trying to lose weight. That could be a great app for a D/s couple with strict protocols.

  5. Buen sumiso

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