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3 responses to “Lessons in Submissive Speech 9: Answering the Phone or Door”

  1. JessesGirl

    Awesome addition to this series. It made me think about my own manners, especially when close family and friends visit our home. With two small children I’m often in another room engaged in something with them when I hear a knock at the door which illicits a “come in” holler from me. Not exactly the most polite and welcoming I could be and I know the relationship I have with my mother in law is very important to Sir. This is a great way to let her and him know how happy I am to have her visit us.

  2. Joi

    I am often alone at the residence, there is no gated entry or even a way to see who is at the door without opening it. Should we invest in a ‘security’ barred storm door with a secure locking mechanism or perhaps a video announcement box right at the front door? I am not comfortable in greeting and inviting someone inside, even if it is for them to stand right at the entrance for the discussion/conversation necessary.


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