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3 responses to “Lessons in Submissive Speech 12: Don’t Use That Tone With Me”

  1. Juliann

    I am also a loud talker. When I get involved in a conversation and become excited my voice gets louder. I try had but it is something I have to work on every day!

  2. Mrs. M

    I have found that my tone of voice is one of the things that changed first when we committed to a 24/7 lifestyle. Even Dr. M has commented on how I’m speaking to him in a softer tone, and asking him more questions (rather than stating my wishes). Of course, he loves the fact that I call him “Sir” almost all the time now, but overall – I’ve found the softer tone produces more patience, which in turn, helps me keep my tone soft!

    I love your series, and while I’m sorry to see you take a break, I understand it’s necessary for everyone at one point in time or another. I’ll be spending quite a while reading old posts, catching up! I’m so glad this site even exists!

  3. kyrsten

    Thank you Luna, I am a loud talker too, be it that I am simply excited to be talking about something I am interested in or that I am expressing other emotions… I must learn control.

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