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Malak is a poly-housewife/property/mother in service to her Owner now for over 5 years. A member of the lifestyle for over 10, she revels in writing about her experiences. First girl in a house of 4 total slaves, she has trained each of the other girls somehow while still having time to do the dishes and keep her children's neat and clean.

5 responses to “When Mommy/slave is Ill…”

  1. morningstar

    Truthfully – i usually land up being what we call “the tough old bird” – just working through whatever is wrong. Sometimes i get real bitchy – mostly due to anxiety about my ongoing health issues. i am glad i read this post this morning……. it has given me much to think about – and perhaps it will lead to a post on The Journey – (pass it along sort of thing)

    Thanks for making me stop and think……….

  2. lunarose66

    Do you go to a dialysis center or are you on peritoneal dialysis? My ex did both and now he is on peritoneal. It is a lot easier on your body and doesn’t make you feel as tired and sick. You should talk to your doctor.

  3. Lacmeyaj

    Thank you for your ribbon idea, it is going to be discussed tonight.

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