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8 responses to “I Don’t Want to Complain Too Much”

  1. bonimiss

    I think I complain too much also but I think it depends on the wording if Sir sees it as a complaint or just a status report. It is in the inflection and if it is in the tiny, whiney voice, yup its a whining. I have recognized some topics are off limits for whining. But I also know it is up to Sir to make the final determination and I should not withhold information if I am upset or have questions. But sometimes I just can’t hold back that “oooohhh” when our daily phone calls ends. It is out of my mouth before I realize it and I try to stop it but I am seldom successful.

  2. Sorcha

    This was extremely helpful for me, since i have been struggling with complaining about the lag in communication with my Master, who resides 2000 miles away from me. i simply must remember that we both are busy, and have other duties and responsibilities…the two hour time difference will always be a factor as well. Finding ways to share my frustration that doesn’t come off as whiny and immature, while still being transparent with Him is something i continue to deal with. One way i am learning to deal with it is by journal writing daily, and sending each entry to Him for review. That way we can talk about it in a more objective state of mind.

  3. mystical

    I am just entering into a part time D/s relationship with my fiance. We have been together 11 yrs. He has ordered me to write a novel. First it was only for a week. Now it is basically a permanent thing. He has said it is to be from fantasies. I have no fantasies. I have no life experience as a sub to draw from for this endeavor either. He is upset with me and feels as if I have given up. I have tried to explain that this is a difficult task and is something that needs to flow freely, not be ordered or expected. It is as if I have writer’s block and I’m not even a writer. He says I’m complaining.

  4. brendazthoughts

    My Master and I have a new relationship that has to be kept secret. We are just starting out. I want to see him more, I don’t want to whine and beg…it is not in my nature to do so, and I think that it may be displeasing to him. He has important work, and he wants me to improve in a specific area and has told me that I need to improve my grade and that I would have to wait until after the exam to meet again so that I do not become distracted. I want to whine, and beg him to change his mind, but I don’t think he would like that. He told me I have to learn to delay gratification….I want to please him…I don’t know if I have so far, the only thing I have to go on is that he came back…I wonder if I should journal, I will ask him, or is that something I shouldn’t do…

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  6. awwitsreni

    Honestly, its things like this that i struggle with. i dont want to be viewed as a complainer, which is what my Sir views me as, but i feel like he isnt hearing me. i know he is the Master and he makes the rules, but in the same respect shouldnt i have a say? At least be allowed to express my concerns and feelings and have them heard without it being thought of as bitching? i dont like the idea of hiding my feelings. But i dont know how to express them appropriately and its not something i can talk about with friends because they don’t know or understand the type of relationship we have. i find it hard to improve myself without feedback from others.

  7. Vanadis Kat

    Having a bit of a problem myself I have been holding back in an effort to not complain as well as being understanding of the fact that he is working very hard for us it built up and I lashed out when he didn’t tell me he loved me too now I’m not sure what is going to happen between us scared and not sure how to explain to him the problem without sounding unappreciative or ungrateful or sounding like I’m making excuses

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