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19 responses to “Is It Possible to Live as a Slave 24/7?”

  1. morningstarcn

    Ok a quick question here…

    what if Master told you how to do your job at work?? What if the order he gave you to do – at work – would go against the running of the organisation – would you still do it???

    And please don’t tell me he is so all knowing that he understands and accepts exactly how YOUR business world operates (well unless of course he is in the same business then my question is useless)

    IF you were in one profession and he was in another one and really had no understanding of how things worked in your world…. and still insisted on telling you how to handle a problem or situation at work.. would you just do what he said???

  2. lunaKM

    That would be overstepping his boundaries, in my opinion. He has no control over the way a business and the submissive’s job is run. A Dominant has control over the relationship and the person, however s/he still has to abide by situational rules.

    In an extreme case it would be like a Dom telling a submissive to ignore stop lights. They are a rule and they exist to keep order and safety of other drivers, pedestrians and others, but goodness no, he is Master and must be obeyed! NOT. Dominants have to follow rules and limits not imposed by the submissive too.

  3. Shelly

    Thank You for sharing how your relationship works.
    I must admit parts of your discribed relationship started to turn me on and other parts scared me. I’m learning about different lifestyles, opening my mind and spirit.
    It sounds like you’re in a good place, very loved and happy at that.

  4. Jane Dough

    no disrespect, but the way you wrote that makes you sounds like a fool. stop spinning everyone in circles, get to the point.

    the fantasy can be real, but not all day, every day, forever. there will be bad days. but the good will always outweigh the bad if you trust in your Master and persevere, working to get Y/you both to that bright beautiful future.

    i am happy you are in a successful O/p relationship, it is a truly beautiful thing. :]

  5. Mrs. M

    Oh my goodness – I finally found someone to whom I can relate! I admit the fantasy is erotic in it’s own way, but the 24/7 life, based on TRUST, is amazing, and I’ve found that so much of the online writing leans towards the fantasy (or the idea that if you don’t have the fantasy 24/7 YOU’RE doing something wrong).

    Thank you for your honest account. :) I’ll bookmark this for when I later need it!

  6. sakisweet

    thank you for your post!! Those of us who need Master/slave relationships totally understand! Your line “Well, no shit that can’t work. WHAT was I thinking?” gave me a chuckle!!

    When we are together, I make His coffee, bathe Him, clean His clothes, do the yardwork, clean His glasses, pedicure His feet, anything to make Him happy. I yearn to serve Him fully when we are together again. It is nice to meet another who understands that need to give everything up for “well done”, a grin, and a “good girl”. The pure happiness I feel when I hear that is indescribable. When we are separated by distance, I am still His.. 24/7. I still serve Him 100% even though I work, parent, and I am working on my Baccalaureate degree. He is my Master first, my fiance second. When we are married, He will be my Master first, my husband second.

    And yes, I do find myself censoring “my Master” in public…it is hard to remember to speak His name in front of others lol!

  7. Chris

    Thank you for a beautiful post :)

    I’m very much a dominant though I have not had the opportunity to explore that part of me much. I think some of my failed relationships have stopped working because of a lack of the dom/sub dynamic. I’m aware that some people would read this and automatically judge me as a bad person.

    Truthfully, I’m a good person. I treat others with respect at least until they prove they are not worth it. I go out of my way to help others. I believe in social responsibility. I take joy in treating others well. I do these things because I believe they are right, and because I like to do the right thing. I’m in no way perfect, but at least I try.

    After thinking about what drives me, I suspect that my dom-nature is based on an underlying insecurity. Deep down I crave acceptance and security. I long to be able to be myself and be accepted for who I am (I guess we all do). That makes me crave submission. Not because I want to abuse someone but because to me, the act of submission is the ultimate act of acceptance, trust and love. An act that would give me free room to give back. Not because it is expected of me but because I want to. I guess that logically, this drive could just as easily have made me submissive in nature. Maybe I am both. I know that the act of taking on the responsibility of another would be every much as binding to me as submission would be to a slave.

    Any sexual need I have (though not at all insignificant) is secondary to this need of acceptance, trust and love, which is probably why I do not engage in casual “relationships”.

    I guess all this doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is nonetheless true.

    That is why I take joy in reading about your situation. It simply resonates with my desires as a dom. You and your Master seem to have found much of what I want. And that gives me hope that some day I’ll find that too :)

  8. Mastersslave

    Thank you for this article. I was recently collared to a new Master (who also happens to be my husband). We have three children, we both go to college full time, and our lives are hectic. Living this lifestyle 24/7 can be difficult at times, however you have to find out what works for Master and yourself. I would love to constantly sit at Master’s feet waiting for the next command, but it is simply not practical. When our children are around I call him Sir instead of Master. I can still show my submissiveness and he can still show is dominance, just not in the way we always fantasized about. It does take practice, communication, and the ability to improvise and change in order to lead this life 24/7.

  9. Jetpacked

    You sound like the fool. She pointed that out in more or less the exact same way.

    Stop being an asshole.

  10. joe keefe

    Nice…thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to know how other m&s make there relationship. My slave is amazing..always doing as I say never questioning anything I tell her to do. People that think a master and slave relationship is wrong seriously need to sit back..give there head a wobble and not judge people. For me and my slave it has brought us closer together, we are stronger than ever before. The hardest part is living kills me to be away from her but we still keep it at a 24/7 level….I would be lost without my sluttyprincess.

  11. Binny

    I really loved your article. I am currently trying to figure out how to explain to my Fiance the different aspects of a M/s relationship. He currently thinks it is just about the sex, which is not the case. I am trying to make him understand that this is what I need. I don’t know how else to relate what all is involved and with my need and want to serve him, I am at a loss.

  12. lunaKM

    Go out and buy the book “Leading and Supportive Love” by Chris Lyon. It covers D/s dynamics from a relationship standpoint and doesn’t involve the BDSM or sex aspects.

  13. kiera

    I have been in a 24/7 m/s relationship for almost 4 months now. And between us we have 6 kids so balancing our relationship and family life can be difficult at times. And being that this is my first m/s relationship it has been an adventure. But after being married twice both vanilla…. I will say being a slave to my Master is the best decision I could have ever made. I have never felt so much, trusted someone so much or loved anyone as much. I do as I’m told even when the kids are here. And yes it sometimes is difficult to remember to call Him by his name instead of Master. But we make it work. Anything is possible if you truly want it to work.

  14. AJsV

    this made me laugh because I’m still working on remembering to refer to my Master as such when other’s aren’t around but I’m worried about it becoming 2nd nature and having to remind myself to call Him by His name in public!

    I’m relatively new to this and am still learning but your post gave me more ideas for what I can do do be an even better submissive to Him, thank you

  15. Master R

    What a great article. By the time I’ve found it though it is a few years old. I wonder how are things for author and her role in this lifestyle now.

    I read the comments left and find them to be the normal array of positive/negative in nature and they are driven by the same instincts as most that comment on blogs/articles like this. Those that have the same desires will totally understand what you’re saying and will leave a very positive comments like my own. Those that don’t understand it will ridicule you for it and read the article shaking there head in total confusion or disgust like the response from above named Jane Dough. I’m sorry to say Jane Dough, but your comments are that of one that will either not accept your own desires (I’m restraining from using the same term you used, “idiot”, out of respect for the author of this article), or truly do not understand how this could be possible and are trying to speak to a subject you obviously know nothing about.

    On the other hand, there is a comment from Chris that is about one of the most open and honest set of statements, especially from a Dom looking at sub/slave postings, and I could not have said it any better myself. My truest inner thoughts totally reflect your statements and I remember the feelings of uncertainty years ago. Stay true to your heart Chris, it will lead you to be the one you are intended to be.

    The part I don’t understand is why are those that are disturbed by this kind of article are even here reading it? Is your negative responses just another way to attempt to suppress the desires you are terrified that others my learn you have, or did you just hear about something you can’t comprehend and come to these sites to attempt to show the poor little mixed up slaves how wrong they are by accepting such a horrible way of life?

    I am now, and have been for many years the Master of my house. My wife and I have lived under a 24/7 total D/s relationship for our entire marriage of 4 years. I was an experienced Dom before meeting her and she responded to the idea very well from the very beginning simply because she is a “natural submissive. I was a very lucky man to have ever meet her, and when we compare our shared desires I feel it is nothing less than the great cosmos brought us together for a reason. She has done a beautiful job exchanging her vanilla understanding of love, relationships and marriage to a very intense practicing submissive.

    I’m now searching web blogs and articles to find other submissive/slaves input and testimonials because she has now crossed the threshold and is ready to complete her training as a slave in every aspect. I believe she is actually more excited about this than I am. Her train of thought has switched to something very similar to something that would be described as “nesting” in her daily and moment by moment routines.

    I love and respect my wife/sub/slave very much. And although I practice our lifestyle with diligence I will always try just as diligently to insure I never allow myself to practice in anyway that would make her question her desires or her decision to follow them. She is the single greatest individual/friend I have ever meet with a heart of pure gold and a desire to serve that is surpassed by no other that I am aware of.

    Thank you lunaKM for posting your guide and testimonials. I’m excited to bring mine here to read it. I hope the lifestyle is still in your heart and has treated you well.

  16. jim green

    I,m a 24/7/365 it is my life and I love it ! My Mistress is a kind and loving owner , some times she is to kind . How can I get her to punish me when I fail some times ?

  17. lunaKM

    It’s time to talk to her. You can’t make her punish you when you fail, but if you can set up a system with her consent you can definitely learn how not to fail and get reprimanded when you do. It all starts with the conversation you have.

  18. ariana

    Hi there,
    I loved reading your article, and I have to say that the 24/7 lifestyle is something I have always dreamed of, but sadly, have failed to find in a proper capacity. This despite many promises.
    My current fiance promised this too, but seems to believe that D/s only extends as far as the bedroom. To this end, I’m now questioning our relationship and future together.
    I have a long term friend in another country, who is a Dom, and numerous times he has asked me to come and be His completely and forever. Whilst this makes my heart sing, it also scares the crap out of me.
    My situation has left me feeling so torn.

    Anyway, thank you for writing this, I hope that you and your Master are still enormously happy and in love.

    Much love A xx

  19. ScotDom

    A True Master would Neer demand that his charge would jeopardize her eal life or work

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