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3 responses to “Embarrassment vs. Humiliation – One Opinion”

  1. bonimiss

    I often think about humiliation also .. I feel I crave it and hate it at the same time. For myself I do think it is the show of power over me that I like. But the part I don’t like is harder to explain. I carry deep inside me feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth. Humiliation puts me in touch with those feelings but it is under the control of my Master. The situation allows me to face these feelings and somehow to take control of them through Him. I must experience that deep feeling of mortification of my predicament and not fall apart. And humiliation is tricky .. if I know it is happening, I don’t feel humiliated. But I can also feel humiliated over the smallest thing but if I value that thing about myself, I can feel such shame and embarrassment. I am thinking of one simple example where I went to the grocery store with no underwear on. For some reason, it appeared the store was full of men and to me, I felt they all knew I lacked underwear. I felt them staring and was so ashamed I wasn’t allowed to wear underwear. It was all very silly but by the time I got out of the store, I was close to tears. I have gotten used to no underwear now but every now and then, it still appears to me everyone knows. So in this case, I remember my Mother telling me not to go out of the house without clean undies. What would she say about no undies!

  2. Jo

    Thank you for an interesting post. I like what you said about seeing Goddess take pleasure from predicament. In my opinion it’s like my definition of humility, that is, not thinking less of yourself but more of another. Humbling but a gift nonetheless.

  3. sr

    When I get into the correct mindset of serving Master, it is impossible for me to be humiliated. I am simply obeying Master. If humiliation begins to creep in, I try to realign my slave mind to remember I am serving Master, and it almost always fades away.
    As for being embarassed, Master has taught me that since he owns me everything my body does fart, burp, cry, bathroom functions are his to observe, control, and accept as part of being a human animal. This has been harder for me to learn and having him watch me wipe myself or urinate still causes me to turn a slight pink sometimes. The messes caused by sex also took getting used to with him. His handling of those times as just something that happens really helped.
    In a group event when those things happen, I do get embarassed still, but usually focusing on him (which I should have been doing) helps me through.
    Shame is reserved for not doing what we both know I am capable of doing for him. While he doesn’t physically punish except for the worst offenses, he knows the shame I feel is its own punishment, but while I feel unworthy to serve him during those times, he expects me to continue to serve at the same high level which while feeling shame is very hard to do for me.

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