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One response to “Who Has the Greatest Responsibility in a D/s Relationship?”

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    I’ve been struggling with my responsibilities lately. There’s really no other way to word it in my opinion than to simply say I’ve been acting like a spoiled child. I’ve noticed when I’m stressed and emotionally and physically exhausted I seem to simply drop everything.. I go into this mindset of “Master will fix everything” *facepalm* – I wont say I’m ashamed of myself – but I -am- ashamed of my actions.. or lack thereof. I dig myself into these holes – and rightfully so am expected to pull myself out.
    During the day I am always pushing myself to get everything done, keep everything in order, and be ‘the one who has everything under control’ – I’ve noticed when the day ends I seem to simply crash – I don’t want to be responsible for anything – but it’s not ok when I’m neglecting my commitments as well.
    I’m fully aware of my responsibilities – but I think for me it simply boils down to “slacking off” :( almost the equivalent of even in a vanilla relationship coming home and shutting out your partner. — I am working on it but it can be so very difficult for me at times … finding a balance. – I’m just so grateful for his loving patience though.

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