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Sephani is a 27 yr old full time, TPE slave to her Master and fiancee. She’s always enjoyed writing and helping other people, sharing experiences with others like me so she started blogging a little over a year ago at ‘Turn The Paige’ and have fallen in love with the community! She has a quirky (smart ass) sense of humor and is nearly impossible to offend! Fetlife: Sephani Paige Blog: Facebook:

4 responses to “Let’s Be Selfish – Recharging The Submissive Battery”

  1. Hedone

    I recharge by having regular adult breastfeeding (ABF) time with my partner. Our adult nursing relationship (ANR) is core to my being. I am fed through our ANR* which is rejuvenating, nurturing and sacred.

    I wrote about my thoughts on how I replenish and rejuvenate here:

    At the time, of the writing, I did not have a ANR partner and I was ending an unfulfilling D/s relationship. Today, I am enjoying a loving, uplifting, fulfilling, D/s relationship.

    *ANR (adult nursing relationship): A relationship in which an adult’s breast is suckled by an adult partner as an expression of intimacy. The suckling can be dry nursing or from lactating breasts. It is not age-play. For me, ANR is a very intimate relationship. It is more intimate and stronger bonding than just a love or sexual relationship.

  2. lunaKM

    For people who would like a bit more information on ANR you can read the post here on Submissive Guide by dani.

  3. Mahoganyspassion

    i thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. i know the mindset and how easy it is to forget that even you need a little time for yourself. It has nothing to do with the One you are serving, but rather more realizing everyone needs a me time. i admit i am not always so good at spotting this in myself, but Mistress seems to know right on que when this is needed. There are many times She has to step in and tell me to take a break, a breather, a moment to focus on myself. At the time i never think i need it, but do find out how much more relaxed and energized i am.

    A lot of times i sit back and watch corny cheezy movies because i am a bit (to say the least) into romance. i just love happy endings. Sometimes i blast music and do stupid dance moves to them (yes i have been caught a few times). One of my favorite things to do is write stories, short ones or poetry about the lifestyle, myself, and anything that tickles my fancy.

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