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9 responses to “Strong-Willed and Opinionated: Can I be Submissive?”

  1. Starfish

    Oh, yes! A strong-willed person can indeed be submissive and I am living proof! Of course, it was a process. Even though I have always known I was submissive, I’ve also always known I am a strong personality and will run roughshod over anyone who lets me, or anyone I do not love and respect unconditionally. Although I’ve always loved my husband, there was a time that I did not respect him. We’ll both tell you, I was mighty hard to live with back then! But by letting go of past hurts and renewing my marriage commitment to him, my submission changed everything.

    Docile and dependent? Ha! Most people describe me as a combination of Murphy Brown and Roseanne. My husband loves that about me and nutures it. He wants me to be the very strong and independent woman I am, but he also wants me to focus on him when I am stressed, angry, or frightened. That way, he can help me get through it because I do acknowledge him as my Dominant and as my guide. He has proven himself capable of handling me at my worst, and he has proven I can trust him, implicitly, all the time. The result of that exchange is that I am rarely stressed, angry, or frightened because I have the security of knowing he is there, he believes in me, he is my rock. And he always will be.

  2. Jz

    Good Lord!
    I’d be so screwed if we couldn’t…!

  3. ambrosia

    Thank Goodness for this site! I so relate and take comfort in this article. Thank you.

    I’m still a newbie on my journey and conflicted between my strong will and my submission. Finding the balance and ability to bow to myself first and then Another, proves to be my biggest hurdle.

  4. PrincessAngel

    I began to read this and started to cry. I began this adventure with a wonderful man a few years ago. I live in a smaller town, the problem I ran into was narrow minded “slaves” that one way was the only way.
    I have had a long, frustrating path.
    This was shown to me tonight, when I was almost ready to give up and not be public or participate other then just with Master.

    I now know I am good, and I can be slave to Master.
    Others no longer matter and never should have.
    thank you.

  5. Bren

    This article answered many questions I have been struggling with in the past few days. This is a new life I am currently entering and my fears so often overshadow the joys of the submission. I love that this article reconfirms that I indeed can be a good submissive with the right dominant.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  6. AnaWench

    This is often a hard subject for me. Recently I found a good Master and he has helped me in so many ways I can’t even begin to thank him. This article and His guidance have helped me come to terms not only with my slave and submissive soul but helped me realize they can integrate with the part of me that HAS to be dominant.
    You see I work in law enforcement and as a police officer I have to struggle with this ALL the time. It’s easy to find Dominant mind sets in my profession. It’s aberrant to find someone like me.

    Thank you for the article, every little bit helps me come to terms with my dual nature.


    His Ana

  7. Angel

    Thank you! This was so reassuring. I’ve been wondering for nearly 12months now if I could ever be submissive because I’m so fiercely independent and will not just give control over to anyone despite it being my nature to yield in the bedroom.
    It’s something I’m hoping to explore in the future and after reading this article I feel more confidant that it may work after all.

  8. 13

    Thank you so much for this post, it’s been a huge help to me. I hope you don’t mind I used a paragraph in my own blog. If you wanted you can check it out and let me know if you have any issues with how I used it though I did link to you. Just in case though, feel free to let me know.


  9. FyreVixen

    This article has helped ease my mind tremendously. I am also strong and opinionated and stand up to men toe to toe quite regularly. However, from the beginning my boyfriend touched something in me that I didn’t know existed, like he awakened my soul. I know that probably sounds corny, but that’s what it felt like and still feels like. I’ve never felt this with any man before him and other dominant men don’t bring this out in me, in fact, quite the opposite. I’ve been doing alot of reading about the subject because this is all so new to me, and haven’t come across any other women so far that are like me. I have been thinking I couldn’t identify as a submissive because I’m not submissive across the board. I was hoping I wasn’t alone in this, and your post definitely made my day. Thank you~!

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