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6 responses to “How to Talk Dirty”

  1. Jae

    So funny, I wrote a blog about this yesterday!

  2. kinkybelle

    I’m working on this. I’ve managed to say “I love being your slut” and “Fuck me hard.” His response has exceeded my expectations! ;)

  3. m

    Okay, so, this is pretty relevant to one of the things I’ve been wondering.

    I’m not, like, allowed to say the names of the most sexual body parts. I have to say “between my legs” or just refer to some things as “it.” And I’m pretty new to him and all of this, so I was wondering what sorts of things I could say (or should I not say anything?). He doesn’t really want me to curse much either; he wants me to maintain this sortof “his innocent little girl” thing. I feel like this is something I should figure out on my own, rather than bugging him about it. I wonder if me saying I’m his “slut” would be too much. =/ I guess all I can do is test it out; if it upsets him I’ll just learn from that. Mostly all I’ve been doing is just answering him if he asks me a question, or apologizing, etc. I just hope that doesn’t make me lame. lol

  4. CaptiveSiren

    I dont know if this will help anyone… but!
    Sir is always telling me how sexy he thinks my voice is, but I have SUCH a mental block when it comes to speaking things very sexy, or personal. What we’ve started doing, is he has me write a fantasy I’ve had, about us, type, or write it all out, as if Im telling him in that format. Then, he has me read it to him. It helps having the words there, so they dont get lost between my brain and my mouth. It helps that it was written when I was less nervous. Then the only struggle is getting the lips to move and the voice to come out.
    Writing things down for me helps a lot. And then, just feeding off what reactions you’re being given. There’s not better confidence booster than knowing what you’re doing is turning someone on. Its very good motivation as well.
    Hope that helps. :)

  5. maddrayne

    I am in a sexual relationship with someone who is well experienced in the bdsm lifestyle he often dubs me a baby girl or a little, which I didn’t understand he is patient with me over a few years we have escalated to pain pleasure sessions and a few odd things started to happen i can reach climax just with him telling me to…anywhere. I was put off by this BC it seemed uncomfortable that he had this much control. Something that seemed fantasy is this reality where I feel in over my depth. I don’t want to end the relationship however I do need it to change.unsure advice please

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