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I have been in the lifetsyle for almost 5 years, and submissive to SirLancelot for almost as long. I see myself as a 'sub with slave tendancies', sometimes more one than the other. I love playing with my Master, but am driven by my journey into exploring our M/s relationship.

3 responses to “Let’s Party! Finding Play Parties”

  1. grette

    Thanks Great article. Although it may of been of a little more use to me a couple of days earlier, no i am not complaining either. This past weekend i attend one of my first events. While it was nicely run and no problems, your information is good to know for future events.

    And after having a good time, i am already looking forward to the next one that i can make it to. At first i was like you said a little shy but after noticing others being comfortable and having fun, i quickly ended up wearing a thong, stockings, garter belt and heels. While it was quickly on to partying like a rock star the time for it to end was upon me too.

    Do they always seem to end right when it gets started?

  2. nan {SL}

    Well grette sometimes it does seem that way!! But as you attend the same party more than once, you will get better at gauging the pace of the party so you can enjoy it to the fullest! I am still sorry to see my favourite parties come to the end of the night, but I am better now at figuring out how to fit in two playtimes during the evening! After that, I am usually toast and Master can pour me into the car and take me home.

  3. ready2 serve 42

    need to find upcoming munches in Ct.

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