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44 responses to “How to Talk to Your Dominant About Your Needs and Desires While Submissive”

  1. Aaron Lachiondo

    Ummm not sure how you turned this in to a full whining artical. I would be pissed if you were my sub.
    Here’s how it’s broken down. You being the sub crawls on fours to the Dom. If standing knee before them, if sitting place your head in there lap to show you submission. Andbto get in their good graces. Then tell them your desire. But leave it as a sub open ended question. Makes sure you Dom has final say,cor it can get ugly fast. I say this cause I’m a switch that in 90% Dom. But all my subs have loved me. I have made my subs cum so hard from mixing disgusting acts, and appreciation to the sub.

  2. Aaron Lachiondo

    Reading these comments you people aren’t subs. You’re lazy, and want so!eone else to do the work. Your subs you do as you are told. When your Dom feels you deserve a treat he,\she will reward you. If I saw my sub posting on here behind my back she wouldn’t be rewarded for so long. Then again my sub is very obedient. Does what I say no matter what it is in an instant. Then returns with her head in my lap, or, and least on fours waiting patiently for me. In return besides sex she I rub her different body parts, and play with her hair to help her fall asleep, and show, and appreciation for her being such a good girl.

  3. Jane

    I met a man through After texting & chatting he told me that
    he is a single dominant male. I’ve only had vanilla sex but prefer dominance in the
    bedroom. He happens to be in Hong Kong & I’m in LA. He will be coming to LA
    next week. He will be here for 6 months & wants to spend the time w/me. I really like him, nothing he has said scares me, etc. When he talks about scenes he becomes extremely aroused. The last 2 conversations he’s orgasmed not because its phone sex… I’m not reacting in kind. He says that he’s highly aroused, I turn him on & he really wants me. I’ve done much research & I am interested. No sex the first couple of dates & he said he’s ok starting vanilla for me.
    So my questions are: is there any red flag I should look for? Is the phone masturbation something to be weary of? He doesn’t demand anything from me sexually, I told him I’m shy & never did anything like it. He doesn’t get angry.. He calls me baby & says the shyness is a turn on. He brokeup w/his girlfriend at Christmas & hasn’t had sex since. Mainly due to work & his move.
    I don’t mind the masturbation, it turns me on. This has never happened before to me. Can anyone give me advice?

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