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25 responses to “DIY: How to Make a Duct Tape Flogger”

  1. maidmaryanne

    When i saw this post in February, i thought that it would be an excellent idea to make one of these for my Master’s birthday, as i was already thinking that something handmade would be a more special gift. Craft is not really one of my strong points, so my version did not look as neat as the one pictured, but it did work out quite nicely so i was pleased with my effort.

    Last night was the first opportunity Master had to use it on me, and i need to take issue with the bit about it being a light toy! It really hurt, and i know he wasn’t using full strength. My version did have knots in the tails so that would be part of the difference. Anyway, i am pleased to report that it all stayed in one piece and i am sure i will get to experience it again before too long. Also, i know that Master appreciated it, so thank you for the inspiration.


  2. pleasure

    This project looks pretty interesting, and being a very crafty person, I do think I will give it a go.
    I have made several of our toys: my favorites are the leather and rope floggers, of all sizes and weight and lengths. Each flogger is different – knots,straight and angle cut tails and such, all for different erotic sensations; I even made a leather strand whip(aptly named the fire flogger) that snaps and bites at the same time; our list of handmade toys also include an assorted size and weight of paddles.
    ……and my Sir’s favorite toy is one that I made using His old belt and a paint stick for the handle.
    As you can see, we enjoy a mix of ouchie and yummy extreme impact sensations. :)

  3. Noodle

    i just went to michaels craft store and got 6 different kinds of colored duct tape :) thank you so much for the wonderful idea!!

  4. DollyGirl

    I made one! PITA craft project, but pretty and stingy! Good idea luna :D

  5. da magic touch

    How do you do the knots? Does any one have a pic of it like this?

  6. ImmaginaryFriend

    Ima make me two of them. one like yours, though prolly with a few wider tails mixed with the standards, and then one thats got braided tails. ill never be ‘man enough’ to use the latter but id be a beautiful thing if i made it right.

    on that note, my friend make himself an ineresting slapper type thing out of duct tape and a rolled up magazine…though the four metal washers at the end of the long flat tail were an afterthought and probably badly placed(when he went full force at the cement floor it left marks) but when folded over so that the washers arent used it makes a great light toy ^_^ even i can handle it and im a wimp

  7. nine

    I saw this and just had to make it! This is my first homemade toy, and I look forward to making other toys too. This is going to be a Christmas gift for my Master. He’s going to love it. I used blue (His favorite color!) and shiny silver duct tape. I made it in about an hour. I decided to put knots in the ends. I can’t wait till Christmas! Thanks for the idea!!

    1. nine

      Also, I think this could be a fun bachelorette gift for a couple of my vanilla friends, hehe.

  8. MaDonna

    Going to be making this tomorrow. I got red and green duct tape. We’re having a Christmas Theme Munch and having a DIY Toy Workshop. So this is what I am making and demoing for the workshop. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Can’t wait to make it.

  9. Bianca

    Used this as my super-bowl craft project. I’m really happy with the result, although the duct tape was a b**** to work with. Definitely better than paying $40-100 for a fancy flogger. Thanks for the idea!

  10. SubmissiveAmber

    i’m a friend of MaDonna’s and liked the one she made for our christmas munch, i will be trying to make my own sometime this week as bordem has crept into my life and i currently have nothing else to do.

  11. ChubbyBunny

    Made a lime green flogger with nine lashes per the Master’s request. i am very much looking forward to having it tested on me tonight!

  12. sub_PsiVamp

    I may have to do this. I made a flogger with leather shoe laces that works wonderfully as well. Might post pics of it and how to make one, unfortunately without pictures because I have no intentions of taking mine apart lol. Once I have some money though I’ll post step-by-step pics ;)

  13. Master Will`s Babygirl KiKi

    My Daddys gave me this so I will obey Him and make it!

  14. PinkTickle

    I made one of these and boy does it have a BITE!!! Thanks so much for sharing..

  15. Kippy_Chan

    i have made a duct tape rose flogger for a Ma’am i have the pleasure to know. her girl says it’s thuddy and stingy

  16. Angie The Serial Dater

    If I ran into this project 3 weeks ago, I would’ve done one of these and give it to my friend for her bachelorette party. Oh well, maybe for the next one!

    Still, I decided to make one today to clear my head, and turned out amazing!! Here’s the picture:

  17. Master Will`s Babygirl KiKi

    Id like to show ypu my finished Flogger…where can I post a pic here?

  18. Master Will`s Babygirl KiKi

    Here is my FLogger….its cute! Please view it:) It has penguin duct take llo

  19. Darkcast

    I actually just made this a couple of hours ago. Any tips for getting that tails to stay close when swinging? It seems because the tails are so light that they like to spread out a bit. I’ve got 23 tails on it if that makes a difference. Also any tips for how many tails should go on these?

    Here’s a pic.

    Some of the tails are slightly longer than others by maybe just a little under a quarter of an inch. Didn’t really bother to trim it since they were either the same length or just slightly longer.

    Also the black duct tape is that really heavy duty stuff that typically contractors use (i noticed it’s slightly heavier and tougher) The red is that standard “scotch” brand. I noticed that’s lighter and not as tough.

  20. Juxtupose

    I just began making one only I instead of duct tape I used guerrilla tape and damn does it ever bite. It is a surprise for a special guest on NYE so I will let you know how it works out!

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