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26 responses to “DIY: How to Make a Duct Tape Flogger”

  1. Angie The Serial Dater

    If I ran into this project 3 weeks ago, I would’ve done one of these and give it to my friend for her bachelorette party. Oh well, maybe for the next one!

    Still, I decided to make one today to clear my head, and turned out amazing!! Here’s the picture:

  2. Master Will`s Babygirl KiKi

    Id like to show ypu my finished Flogger…where can I post a pic here?

  3. Master Will`s Babygirl KiKi

    Here is my FLogger….its cute! Please view it:) It has penguin duct take llo

  4. Darkcast

    I actually just made this a couple of hours ago. Any tips for getting that tails to stay close when swinging? It seems because the tails are so light that they like to spread out a bit. I’ve got 23 tails on it if that makes a difference. Also any tips for how many tails should go on these?

    Here’s a pic.

    Some of the tails are slightly longer than others by maybe just a little under a quarter of an inch. Didn’t really bother to trim it since they were either the same length or just slightly longer.

    Also the black duct tape is that really heavy duty stuff that typically contractors use (i noticed it’s slightly heavier and tougher) The red is that standard “scotch” brand. I noticed that’s lighter and not as tough.

  5. Juxtupose

    I just began making one only I instead of duct tape I used guerrilla tape and damn does it ever bite. It is a surprise for a special guest on NYE so I will let you know how it works out!

  6. Sharon L.

    Great tutorial!! I made one today with red and black duct tape. Your tutorial explains each step so well, I had no trouble making it. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions.

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