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9 responses to “Learning to Ask for an Orgasm”

  1. Deborah

    Such a wonderful article! Love the wealth of information. I would love to try it, but have NO clue where to start. Would you give me an idea? Thanks!

  2. Tiffany

    Fascinating article. I found it to be very informative and it makes me look at the whole “no orgasm rule, unless I say so” a lot differently.

  3. Livi

    I really envy people who have the “revelations” – when they realise they’re kinky, memories of their first scene, first controlled orgasm, etc, etc. I have none of that because from the moment I started having fantasies they were kinky and I always made myself wait for orgasms!

  4. ponchoslady

    Excellent article that as usual felt like it was written for me. I love how you make me think an# see things differently.

  5. passion

    *smiles* This brings me back to the moments when Mistress had to push me to say the word please…i know that sounds simple, but to me there was nothing more difficult. i never ran into an issue of asking to cum, but then She would tell me to say please and i just could not do it. i can never tell you the number of times She would bring me to the edge and wait, the days this continued, and the inner struggles that clouded my mind during that time. That was like the big hurdle for me, to get past myself, past my feelings of weakness about it, past what seemed a bit like humiliation, and find the words.

    It was actually in the most vanilla of moments that the word slipped out. Even now i can’t help but to laugh as all She was doing was getting ready to hang up the phone. It slipped out before i even knew i was going to say it…. Mistress please don’t go…. it was asking, it was begging, it was pleading, it was four words. After that it was not an issue again. Now She relishes the moments that i stay on edge until She says now, or yes, or give Me what I want…

  6. jodi

    I love having to ask sir for permission to cum. In fact now I don’t think I could cum without sirs permission.

  7. Caramel Lace

    I love asking Daddy for his permission to cum. I know that this pleases Him and I love making Him happy.

  8. BiBunny1114

    I found that article very informative but how do u learn to control the orgasms when master Denies it but you can’t hold it in… Thanks

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