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6 responses to “Are Female Dominants More About Mental Dominance Than Physical Dominance?”

  1. Miss Snow's slut

    WOW & Kudos to both luna and fuzzyp,

    i am happy to see more related to the Female Dominants. While there can be a difference in a preferred method of dominance i don’t believe that there is anything more so that it is determined by the sex(Female/Male and not sex with) of the dominant.

    fuzzyp has done his Goddess and Her friends good by his responses, maybe even shows a little mental submission from having been on the receiving or at least viewing end of Her friends Dominance. fuzzyp that is OK and good to not offend Her friends, it sounds like you and Your Goddess are blessed with each other. i knew from my own experience that i have had Miss Noel who can look at you and say with one of the kindest and sweetest voices that i have heard, “but I enjoy, love being sadistic.” While i have meet Her on occasions, i have not been given to Her and i know that She truly enjoys the physical side of Dominance.

    i think that an area that tends to make this less of a sex based style is in the on-line and long distance relationships. Granted there are those that it is only a game or for some a way to make money, i believe there are may out there that it is their kink or way of having a D/s or M/s relationship.

    Now fuzzyp does an excellent way of showing that some methods that are used that because of the outcome tend to be seen more as a mental and Female vs a physical type of dominance. As he so noted with the cross dressing, sissy and cuckold. Now does on the idea of female cuckolding if Her Dominant brings a female into the picture and/or has his female sub watch Them and/or both the females interact for His enjoyment is that the same or not? i am not sure about the masculinized female either.

    There was a magazine (for the younger ones out there, paper and ink version of a web page) published by Ms Anderson, Black Mistress Review, Her statement was submitting shouldn’t have anything to do with sex of the Dominant. She believed that if you based your submission on the sex of the Dominant then you truly were not in to serving vs looking for a kinky sex partner. She had reached Her conclusions after several polls that ended with usually a question of submitting to someone of the same sex. She also had the viewpoint that age and looks shouldn’t determine who one decides to submit to either.

    Yes that question still lurks in the back of my mind, no i haven’t gone looking for a male to submit and serve. Also, i don’t think this is the same as Your Dominant asking or forcing your to interact with the same sex. But that maybe another prompt for luna to use for a prompt.

    “Is your submitting, submission based on the sex of the Dominant?

    With this being said and myself getting sidetracked with what was going to be a short reply, i am again saying thanks to luna and fuzzyp for some deep thought provoking essay. Job well done both of you deserve something nice from your Dominants, such as a spanking, a flogging, some nipple play or maybe we leave it open to the readers. Everyone vote for the reward?

  2. FuzzyP

    Thanks very much for your response. I rather like your question about submission based on the sex of the dominant. I’ll give that one some thought.

  3. Minna

    This is a really interesting post, because it provides insight on a question me and my Master have been discussing. I am a sub and he is a switch, and with his last partner he was the sub. But we’re both the kind of sub that doesn’t give up easily, and generally needs to be forcibly overpowered before we submit. I am a 5-foot unathletic girl and he is a muscular man so obviously on the few occasions when we have felt it prudent to change roles, I failed miserably at overpowering him. :) Maybe that’s what people were thinking of when this question was asked. :)

    I definitely agree with your point on mental dominance coming first– I never thought of it that way and it’s really insightful. :D

  4. sublovr

    I myself am a female with a female dom, which has developed over the past few months. It started out as a friendship then one thing led to another and here we are. I have had a very difficult time separating the friendship we had with the sub/dom relationship we now have. I have become an emotional mess. I deeply care for and love my dom, and would want more out of the relationship but she is only comfortable with this. Any tips on how I can control my own feelings and emotions and keep hers my main focus? I want more than anything to take care of her. She is also going through a difficult time right now, as she herself is a submissive and has had a messy parting with her male dom. Any advice will be welcomed! Thanks!

  5. LaneyD

    I love this post!!! I had never really stopped to think about the possibility of mental dominance being geared towards a gender. I can easily say though, that the female tops I have played with tend to be very physical while one of my fave male tops loves the mind fuck.

  6. celticknot28

    Being a female Dominant, and new to this lifestyle. I really resonated with this article. I am more of the mental dominance than physical. I tend to get off more on combining the two together. Im still learning and me and my sub are learning together. He has the experience.

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