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105 responses to “What FetLife Has Done”

  1. FatherJon

    Sadly, Bianca, you’re on the money there! Fet is just a garbage bin for all the losers and wannabes whose main sex life is a weekend chat session online.
    There ARE a few pearls among the pebbles, for sure, but you have to look long and hard to find them.

  2. Paul Zucker

    I’ve always used BDSM secretly. But now with fettle, I can use it in a much freer way. BSDM has come out of the closet! It is becoming mainstream. People are now allowed to talk about BDSM in public, not behind closed doors. People are becoming more liberated. This is America!

  3. Rick

    Just recent signed up and not impressed at all, “money” seems to be the re-occurring theme on there among women. Needless to say I think I’ll be deleting my account soon which is a shame because I was actually hoping to connect with people in the community, and not for a “fee”.

  4. FatherJon

    I’m not in the least surprised at your disappointment in Fetlife. Money seems to be the only criteria which keeps the website running. It’s become a fulcrum for every nutter and whiner to get at people they don’t like. Baku even allows ex-members to be abused and vilified by the paying members. He’s allowed it to become a shooting gallery for cupie dolls. He’s only looking at the bottom line and doesn’t follow his own TOUs, which is all to the detriment of the website’s integrity.

    I understand that he’s in negotiation to sell it to Penthouse which means that a healthy bottom line will drive his selling price up.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen to the mental cripples who rely on it so much, it’s almost become a halfway house for mental defectives.

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