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Rayne Millaray is a wild, 30-something, sex enthusiast who’s been “just one of the guys” for as long a she can remember. She’s been having sex since 1996, blogging about her sex life since 2005, advocating for a sex-positive society since 2008 and working in the adult industry legally since 2010. Her writing is published on various blogs around the web, including her personal site Insatiable Desire. She used to write a weekly column for Albany’s #1 rock station. And she was once Editor in Chief of SexIs Magazine. Rayne is, without a doubt, the girl your mother warned you about. Chaos incarnate. And she loves it.

21 responses to “Anal Play: Beginner to Stretch in No Time”

  1. Ham Sandwich

    Cukes and Zukes are way too girthy for a virgin ass. A smaller vibrator would be better, but be careful not to push it in too far. It can reach the point of no return and slip in all the way, and then it’s an embarrassing trip to the emergency room to get it removed. Don’t ask me how I know this. I just do, OK? A small diameter butt plug is probably ideal, after having become accustomed to a finger. And a soft, warm tongue across her bottom is the best way to convince a woman that anal can be very pleasureable!

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