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8 responses to “Processing Pain and Being a Masochist”

  1. Sephani Paige

    holy crap! I was literally jumping up and down, pointing and the screen and saying “OMG THATS ME!!!” right down to the laughing part! A good nipple twist will send me into gales of laughter and I can’t stop till the pain stops! Everything you said here fits perfectly, it says exactly how I feel and what I go through. Thank you! I loved this :)
    .-= Sephani Paige´s last blog ..Crank Dat Best Friend =-.

  2. pet

    this is a great post! i have a different reaction to pain though. i thrash about and growl. Master gets a kick out of it. i do cry also; i agree that its a huge release of stress. probably my most favorite type of play is the cane. the sting puts me into heaven. Master truly enjoys watching me ride and process the pain.

  3. Tina

    WOW, I agree with Sepani. I loved this article….it is me….to a T. I love the sting of a good flogger, cane or crop, the pinching or clamping of a nipple, etc. I have never cried (yet lol) but I have broken out in laughter several times, which surprised me the first time. If Master doesn’t stop, I can reach such heights of ecstasy. He usually figures that I need a break, but then when we resume, I never seem to get to that point again :(. I need pain to orgasm and on a regular basis to help me stay in the delicious submissive headspace that I love so much. I usually process pain by just “absorbing” it, letting the pleasure wash over my entire being, moan, as you said, until you reach that place of silence.

  4. desiree

    i loved this article on pain and will be reading the others, i am only beginning to learn the delicious sensation of pain, i have never experienced anything like it before and so say i am craving it is an understatement…smiles

    thank you for sharing your knowledge with us submissives.

  5. CuriosityCrazed

    This is a great article and has put a smile on my face. When i was a child being punished by being spanked it was all i could do to keep from laughing. It now makes a lot more since. Have you ever heard of some one doing a low hum not really a growl as i have done that too?
    Thank you for your knowledge!

  6. swampswine

    Oh my goodness…. I’m so glad to hear somebody else say they laugh uncontrollably during a scene! For me, I can tell when I get the laughing fits that the next step is full submission, trance, subspace, whatever. it’s delicious.

  7. 4mymaster1205

    I honestly thought the laughing was something that only I did. I am so glad that others do it as well. The first time I did it with Master (which wasn’t that long ago), he was concerned and stopped with the paddle and I was upset that he stopped. We had a lengthy discussion wherein I explained that the laughing is my body’s way of releasing the tension that has built up from the paddling. We haven’t used that particularly devious paddle again (yet), but I plan on making sure that I let him know when I start laughing, it is fine for him to continue.

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