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11 responses to “Are Discipline and Punishment The Same?”

  1. faith

    Great Post!

    I think they are different as well.In my opinion discipline is a training tool meant as a corrective action. They range from corner time, writing lines, researching something, sometimes a spanking, things of that nature. Meant to help me move forward with what ever it is we are working on the time. For example, Master prefers that as a woman I do not swear, it used to be something difficult for me, so discipline for using those naughty words would come in the form of writing lines, once I even had to spend time researching certain words origins and meanings and present him with a paper. They were training tools for him to help me remember not to use such words and come up with more lady like and intelligent alternatives.

    A Punishment on the other hand would be for something more along the lines of blatant disobedience, breaking his trust, punishment is usually much more severe and would tend to fit the crime and take some time to repair what ever it was. I have actually only been punished once, something I care not to repeat again. It was for not accepting a discipline that he was giving me.

    It was difficult for me when Master would confuse the two words, simply because I never wanted again to experience a punishment and disappoint him in that manner. Master has since learned to use the word discipline to help me keep things straight and so that I don’t immediately freak out thinking what I had done or didn’t do was a totally failure.

  2. pet

    i agree, this is a very good post. it gives a lot of good information to some who might be a little confused about the difference between the two. Master uses the terms correction and punishment. i myself have never experienced a punishment from him. though i have received corrections. Master considers a correction like an oops. i may have forgotten to get my daily glucometer readings or saying unflattering things about myself. punishment is for a willful act. again a very good post.

  3. Rebekah

    I would just like to offer another thought here. In our relationship discipline does not have any negative connotation, at all. It is not about correction. Discipline for me is about specific rituals, rules and protocols. In my line of work, we speak of people being an expert in their particular ‘discipline’. This is what I seek…to be an expert in submission particular to my Master. His rules and guidelines help me maintain that discipline, and my desire to reach higher for the ring he holds out increases my self-discipline.

    Just another take on the word ‘discipline’…and I guess another area that goes to show all relationships are so different!

    For us, correction is a minor infraction that is usually verbally corrected with an apology. Punishment is something far worse and would be a serious infraction that could jeopardize the integrity of the relationship.

  4. e[lust] #8 – e[lust]

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  5. Katie/Coyote

    I agree with Rebekah – discipline is the entirety of training, structure, etc. Punishment is part of discipline. So is doing routines and rituals. Having certain ways of speaking. All of that. Discipline is not an act so much as a way. Punishment, correction, and reward are all forms that discipline can take.
    .-= Katie/Coyote´s last blog ..A day. =-.

  6. William Cashmere

    I got paddled many times in high school back in the 70′s.I think that they should bring back paddling in schools and at home.I know it didn’t hurt me.I think at times I enjoy being paddles at school.Also it didn’t take long for it to go around the school.The teacher would make you stand out in the hall and wait to be paddled.Some teachers would make you go to another teacher class room and get them to witness your spanking.They where a loud to paddle you 10 times.One day I got paddled 4 times.Ten times each time.I enjoy that day.

  7. Bill

    No swearing? Really? Why? I don’t get that. This is the modern era. Women are allowed to say what they want.

  8. Honey

    Interesting article. I have interchanged both words often but now realize my Sir has never punished me he does discipline though.

  9. BabyGirl

    Curious kitty wants to know what was your one punishment?

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