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9 responses to “Up in Flames: The Basics of Fireplay”

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  2. Lyle Schoninger

    Here is an write-up that’s well worth bookmarking

  3. Monster's Puppet

    I have a question about the Vo5 mousse…Do you just spray it onto your body then light it on fire? Then smother it? Do you need to shave the area?
    I use to play with fire as a child (I know, not safe) ie. I would pour rubbing alcohol in the metal cap, pour a circle of alcohol around it on the corner, then use the aerosol hairspray and a lighter to light it. Luckily I never burned the house down, but I just thought it was so cool how the alcohol burned but not the counter!

  4. Miss L_M

    These tips actually appear quite advanced, for those that already have experience working with flame play.

    I have done very basic flame play and am trying to research it, but not having a lot of luck.

    What about using an alcohol swab on the skin, allowing it to evaporate, lighting it and then wiping it out?

    There have to be more steps and insight to it than that. Can you enlighten me further (pun intended)?

    Thank you.

  5. lunaKM

    My best suggestion would be to attend a class or demo on the subject. Since fire play is considered an edgier form of play I don’t feel comfortable giving how to advice on it here on the site.

  6. ponfire

    How does one go about finding other people interested in this? I’ve been into fireplay forever, but can’t find anybody to play with.

  7. lunaKM

    I recommend you go to munches in your area, you’ll find people with a wide array in interests. If you can’t find a munch group, then your next option is to go to a regional convention. They happen all over the country and you will likely find someone that does it and might do it with you that night!

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  9. Kimberly

    I just got introduced to fire play this weekend. I was watching this Dom doing it on someone else and when he finished, he asked if I would like to try. Since I knew him and trusted him, I agreed and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact he said my skin took to the fire very well. Can’t wait to be able to do this again!!! Personally, I would not do this with someone I did not know unless I have watched them perform it others that do know them and then use your best judgment considering the results that can happen if things got out of control

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