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7 responses to “Suggest Some Tasks You Can Do While Your Dominant is Away”

  1. littlemiss96

    My Master and I do not live together either, although we do live in the same city. We get together on average about once a week, but in the meantime, we talk throughout the day by email and text message, and he often has tasks for me to do, or “challenges” as he calls them. In my current phase of training, I am not allowed to touch myself at all without his permission, but most days, he has me do something, whether it is insert plugs, put clamps on my nipples or labia, or whatever deviant ideas he comes up with. I think it certainly reinforces the permanence of our relationship, keeps my submission to him in the forefront of my mind, and prepares me for the advancement of my training when we do get together. It is also a wonderful way to keep us both teased and hungry for each other!

  2. Alpine Subdreams

    I completely agree with you, it makes a huge difference and really keeps the connection strong.

    I have difficulties with not being able to touch myself. We tried the controlling of orgasms but it didn’t last long as it wasn’t a good fit for us. Instead, I’m ordered not to cum before events or certain times together.
    .-= Alpine Subdreams´s last blog ..Locked up task =-.

  3. Lady Xanax's Hussy

    I live hundreds of miles from my Dom, if we are lucky we see each other monthly, although earlier this year we had to go 8 weeks, which was hard for both of us. I have mulitple contacts over each day, mainly on work email so it chatty, sometimes texts, and we chat via msn each night, sometimes to my Dom other times to my friend (as she was first). I have to submit a weekly diary, by a deadline I’m informed of that week. We try to have weekly e-sessions an hour or so after a diary deadline, other lives permitting. I’m set training tasks too, such as plugs, preparing me for our next meeting, to keep me in the zone, remind me of my ownership and to not lose the momentum we build up when we meet. I love these as due to the nature of my job I can’t have day-time tasks. I have 9 days to seeing Her again and my touching embargo starts tomorrow night! She sets one of these before every one of our actual sessions, making quite I’m as wound up as possible before it.

  4. NewSub

    My Dom lives in the same city as me but we dont see eachother often at all. I have seen him a total of 9 times and only 3 or 4 of them with him as my Dom. Though we talk every day through text or email since i can’t see him I thrive off his orders and find satisfaction in completeing a task he has givin me. We are both new to the life style him more than me but we are exploring together. Every morning I am to text him what I want to wear for the day and ask him if I am allowed exspecialy if I am allowed to wear undergarments. Even though he normaly isn’t awake to answer me back I am allowed to asume his answer to be yes unless he has said otherwise the night before. My legs are to always be spread to some degree unless around certin people or in a short skirt and as soon as I get home from school I am to go to my room and take off my bra and panties. I used to have to ask him if i was allowed to orgasum but recently he has cut back on his sexual control of me and now I am only requird to tell him that have had a release, sometimes also how many times, and when. I enjoying fufilling these orders and giving him the control and since we are rarely together I need these things to remind me that I am his always and owned by him.

  5. kat

    wow… this post was REALLY helpful! I think I will have to find my way to pass the idea on Master :) . He already does sometimes, still it would feel too god to have more tasks while waiting… waiting in itself is really painful sometimes in a bad way, i mean… knowing the pain is not volountarily inflicted is pretti much going against His will, which i’m trying hard not to… so thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful idea

  6. Ness

    My Master is currently away in Europe for 2.5 weeks.
    I miss him dreadfully already and he’s only been gone 3 days!
    Before he left, he gave me some instructions to follow.
    Wearing specific underwear on specific days, using clothes pegs on myself, saying positive affirmations, and eating dinner every night at 7pm (I usually skip meals so this s an important health issue). Also I must contact him first thing when I wake up and tell him all about my previous day and night, and tell him how much I adore and miss him.
    He’s also adding a few new random ones in here and there as he messages me.
    I think daily tasks are important when you can’t see someone as often as you like.
    They ground me and I adore doing them for him

  7. subtsg

    I like this idea of staying connected via commands. We are not doing that yet. rather, I would like to offer him something of substance because I have already asked for a favor. He has instructed me to come up with something to do for him to earn that favor. Any ideas? Thanks.

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