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28 responses to “What It Means to Be an Owned Kajira”

  1. Confused_N_Scared

    I want to thank you for posting this article. I have to write an essay for my Master, It is nice to know that the way I feel is normal. This is the first time I have ever thought about any kind of submission or even considered being a Slave. I am scared because there is so much to take in, in just a short period of time. To unlearn all the conditioning we are taught growing up and accept fully the guidance of a Master is very difficult emotionally. I have never felt so many emotions which I can not place or put a name to them. When I am kneeling in front of my Master I am at peace and I am happy and when I away from my Master I become scared and frightened I will never see him again. The need to please my Master above all is so over whelming and at times I cry because these feelings confuse me. I am very lucky to have such an patient Master. Again thank you for posting this

  2. Annie


    This was absolutely beautiful. I can only absorb a small part of what you described, but it speaks to me, deeply.

    Thank you for writing this.


  3. Lucy

    This just left me one question? In this case do you have a safeword? Since you are totally surrender I guess not. Can somebody answer me please?

  4. lunaKM


    It depends on the relationship dynamics. I’ve surrendered to my Dominant but I still have a safeword because he can’t read my mind. I have a few health issues that can interfere in the middle of play and if I couldn’t break him out of his Dom space with a safe word then I’d be in a world of hurt too.

  5. Jewel

    Sorry dear, your a fool. I was also o ce a mns “slave”, well, as i grew older he ditched me for. Nice new toy. Dont waste you life serving another. You can an will be replaced, mark my words. And where do you end up after submitting all to some man, either dead or under intensive counselling like i id, to try and recover my sense of identity. Please dont throw away your life like this. Mn will talk out of their ass telling you how valuable you are to the, how “precious”, your sacrifice is…. Its all just hot air. Someone who truly loves you will not expect you to jump through hoops to earn their love. Thats conditinal love, and once their bored with you, theyll find someone else who cn o the same. Be loved for you, not for what you do or them.

  6. Kajira Alice

    What a beautiful “Love Letter” written from her heart. I love my Master the same and he is my heart & soul. I would be lost without him. Before we become as one and he collared me I had been on antidepressants and was so lonely inside. Thank God that He lead me to Master Lorenzo. I too am at peace.

    May my sisters be at peace with their Masters

    <3 Kajira Alice

  7. Amber

    Thank you for making me understand what it is to be kajira .you explained it beautifully. Although I would like to be in your place I feel I am now to old at 64 to be totally submissive although the idea appeals to me and I do what I can . But I have had to run a home and been in control of everything for so many years it would be against my nature now to fully submit . Good luck to you girl and enjoy I envy you for having a caring Master

  8. sld

    yeppers you are sooooooo stupid! go a head belive that fantasy shit! when he tires of you and he will out the door you go baby doll . you’re wasting your valuable time on this earth pleasing a man! for what so he can tell you how valuable you are as a fuck! grow some balls , use your brain , life isn’t about how valuable you are between your legs

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