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lunaKM has been a full-time slave in an M/s relationship for over 10 years. She is the founder and editor of Submissive Guide. Learn more about her here and connect with her on, Twitter, Google+, FetLife.

3 responses to “Dating in the Lifestyle; What’s the Big Deal?”

  1. Aurore

    As as relatively new submissive, in the dating game, I have to agree things seem to be faster and far more up front. On one hand, this is a blessing as it allows you to dismiss the incompatible almost immediately. On the other, it can be such an intimate process with a virtual stranger – it definitely takes some time getting used to it and making yourself open and receptive to it.

    This post (like all of your posts) is a helpful jumping off point for any new submissive.
    .-= Aurore´s last blog ..HNT # 19: Sepia Toned Lovin’ – The Sequel =-.

  2. Jz

    I’ll start with my admission that I’ve never tried dating within the lifestyle. I lucked out by finding a dom who was searching through traditional channels, as I was. I have to agree with you that dating is dating, however.

    I think it’s possible to forget the immense complexities of chemistry and compatibility when you’ve been able to skip over one huge criteria. (BDSM) You’ve already eliminated a high percentage of inappropriate matches and the field is now chock-a-block with people of similar interests, so clearly someone good is going to be right around the corner!

    Well, they might be. But odds are good that Person Wonderful will be just as elusive in the Lifestyle world as the vanilla world. (Those few prospective partners you mentioned.) They’re there, I don’t mean to be negative. And maybe I’m biased because of my good fortune. But there are jerks within the Lifestyle and hot doms lurking under vanilla cover. So don’t limit yourself but remain open on all fronts.
    Things always fall into place eventually.
    .-= Jz´s last blog ..Journal Musings 3 =-.

  3. Chris

    Luna, I ahave to agree with you her and would just like to add that the whole idea is to try and incorporate both the vanilla and bdsm ways of dating together. We tend to keep them seperate and so therefore we spend longer amounts of time trying to find the one.

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