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lunaKM has been a full-time slave in an M/s relationship for over 10 years. She is the founder and editor of Submissive Guide. Learn more about her here and connect with her on, Twitter, Google+, FetLife.

16 responses to “Best Submissive Blogslist”

  1. Carrie Ann

    Thank you, Luna.

    You know, I always feel startled when I end up on a list with some of these bloggers. Like… Me????? I am not worthy! :)

    Now I’ll have to go write something good.

    Carrie Ann’s recent blog post..Will work for Redbull?

  2. thisgirl

    aww thanks Luna! *hugs*

  3. lc

    Thank you so much luna…

    lc’s recent blog post..Ahhhh…

  4. Gray Lily

    I’m with Carrie Ann… it feels weird seeing my name in a list with the blogs that I idolize. Thank you for including me.

    Gray Lily’s recent blog post..Dismissal

  5. inky

    Dear Luna,
    Love yr sub blogs. Good choices all. However, all of them are submissive women (except for Femme Fagette, who may be anything). What about male subs? Aren’t there any – good ones, I mean?


  6. lunaKM

    I’m sure there are male submissive blogs out there. You are welcome to suggest some. I don’t have any male sub blogs in my reader and no one has recommended any to me in the past.

  7. subtle

    I’m honoured to be on the list luna! Thank you :)

    subtle’s recent blog post..Two things

  8. danae

    Oh thank you Luna! Very sweet of you!

    danae’s recent blog post..SHINY!

  9. Lexi

    Oh geez, on the same list as CarrieAnn and Kaya? Honored. Soooo very honored!

    Lexi’s recent blog post..Meeting the locals

  10. mellisaa

    What a wonderful rescourse for we who are trying to learn and find comfort in by becoming part of this lifestyle wonderful insights by honnest and admirable submissives. I wish there was a competition something like beauty pagent meets dressage/dog show so that the best submissives(taught one assumes by the best masters) could promote the true essesense of dom/sub lifestyle as opposed to the trash and abuse that many think is the d/s life

  11. MD's treasure

    Wow luna i’m so ashamed that i am just now responding to this. i just wanted to say thank you for recognizing me, this is truly a surprise.

    *hugs* with great appreciation!

    Master Dream’s precious treasure

  12. Sexperts

    I love RamblingsofaKajira. Thanks for making this list so I can check out some of the better-known subby bloggers out there! And there are some submissive male bloggers on KinkySexLink, but I’m not sure of their quality since I haven’t read any of them in over a year. :( Bad me.

    My blog is a submissive blog, but it also has a religious undertone and kinky how-tos. So I guess it doesn’t qualify. :(

    Also, have you blogged yet about the idea of a submissive having a private journal for only their Dom/me to read? I have one of those, set to private, and viewable only by my Dom. It is a great way for me to share resources, journal for him, and share my ideas and sexy photos with him easily and quickly.

  13. Sacred

    I’d love to see some boy subs on that list (or the second one)!

  14. Ket

    Hi, I would like to mention a blog I regularly read and it is called slaveduties which is very good, and the community is lovely :), however atm the everything else except the main page has been down for a few months, however hopefully it is fixed and running again :).

    Thanks for making the list :)


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